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Sister Church Pairing


Starting in 1998, the ministry of the former Mission Facilitator Etienne Bote-Tshiek included the Sister Church Pairing Program, and Church-to-Church or Congregation-to-Congregation Twinning Programs. This Ministry has led to better understanding between members of congregations that live far away from each other by the exchange of different experiences in faith for Christ, the head of his global church. Opportunities such as the exchange of visitors at the grass roots, and of prayers lifted to God on behalf of people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are being observed.
The mission of the Sister Pairing Sub-Committee is to strengthen the partnership of CPK and PEVA by making it more meaningful at the congregational level through the pairing of partner churches; to encourage participation of sister churches in proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to promote fellowship through interaction and communication between members of sister churches, and to encourage the sharing of spiritual gifts. 
30 PEVA churches have been paired with 34 CPK churches and are whole heartily participating in the sister church pairing program. PEVA's Presbyterian Women also is paired with the Presbyterian Women in CPK. Prayers are being lifted to God on behalf of people on both sides of the Atlantic.  The  Congo Partnership Ministries has guidelines for the Ministry along with enhancing the Sister Church relationship guidelines.
If you have a sister church and would like to submit your question or concerns
please fill out the Sister Church Pairing Report Form and submit it to the PEVA office.
Bayside PC
CPK - Lemba/CPK –Limete
Bethany PC
CPK - Bandal I
Calvin PC
CPK - Bongolo
Carver Memorial PC
CPK - Kingasani II
Community PC, Portsmouth
CPK - Gombe
First PC, Hampton
CPK - Ngaba
First PC, Portsmouth
CPK - Bumbu
First PC, Virginia Beach
CPK - Makala I
First United PC
CPK - Muanda/CPK – Kapela
Grace Covenant PC
CPK - Barumbu/CPK -Kingabua
Greenbrier PC
CPK - Kinshasa
Green Acres PC
CPK - Kintambo
Great Bridge PC
CPK - Masini Sans Fil
Hidenwood PC
CPK - Yolo Sud
Hilton PC
CPK - Brinkin
Jamestown PC
CPK - Ndijli II
Kirkwood PC
CPK - Mikondo
Kings Grant PC
CPK - Salembao/CPK - Anunga
Lafayette PC
CPK - Kasa-Vubu
New Horizons PC
CPK - Salongo-Lemba
Providence PC
CPK - Masina I
Royster Memorial PC
CPK - Salongo-Limete
Simonsdale PC
CPK - Ntumuo-Nketo
Second PC, Norfolk
CPK - Ndijli III
St Andrew PC
CPK - Mont Ngafula
Third PC, Norfolk
CPK - Mikonga
Williamsburg PC
CPK - Lokoro
Wycliffe PC
CPK - Bandal II
Wythe PC
CPK - Manenga
Yorkminster PC
CPK - Kindele            


Last Published: May 23, 2023 4:43 PM