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Note From PEVA's Hunger Action Advocate During COVID-19 Uncertainty-19 Closures


As you discern how to continue your local mission work, I encourage you to remember
in this season that the church is not closed, just changing! 
Hunger doesn't stop for a pandemic or national emergency.

Institute new volunteer policies for social distancing and disinfecting in shared spaces.

Consider changing sit-down community meals to prepared bagged meals.  Reach out to other local churches around you to work with them on efforts to feed those in your communities with "grab and go food bags."  Create food/meal bags for local families and drop them off on their porch or at the food pantry. If you know a family who struggles, you don't have to ask, just help!

Reach out to your local school to see what kind of support they might need in the coming weeks.

Contact your nearest recreation center, community center, and senior center to see how you might be able to support their work in the community.

Remind your congregations to continue to give online if that is a option so that your community ministries can continue and your emergency funds can be sustained as more neighbors call for temporary financial support.

Prayer, Virtual Prayer & Devotion

Reach out to you church community by phone, mail, Facebook, facetime, Facebook chat,  twitter etc.... Stay Connected.

Develop a list of individuals from the congregation and the community who may have special needs in the event of an emergency, and define how the church can be involved in their support.

Food & Faith Tips for Responding to Hunger in a Pandemic 

Advocate  Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Alternative Meal Plans for Hamton Roads Public School Students During COVID-19 Closures

Donate funds to your local food bank. There is a much greater need than normal with food needed by school children and their families.

If you are well and not in a high-risk group, consider volunteering at your local food pantry if and when they are requesting help. They are in pandemic mode, meaning that boxes need to be packed and folks in need are driving through to get those boxes.

Pray for healing and that all of God's Children are getting what they need to stay healthy in this time of social distancing.

Your PEVA Hunger Ministry Team is ready to assist you with funds.  If your church is assisting those in your communities that are affected by this pandemic in ways of hunger relief and are seeking funds please submit a Community Hunger Grant Request ASAP to jessica@pcusa-peva.org and note on the application goals and purpose of your project “COVID 19 HUNGER RESPONSE.”

Last Published: June 24, 2020 8:10 AM