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PW PEVA & CPK Feeding Program


Because of the consequences of the continuing rebel fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the absence of infrastructure in the government, and natural disasters, many Congolese children were starving.  The Presbytery of Eastern Virginia’s (PEVA) Presbyterian Women worked with their sister CPK-Presbyterian Women in the Kinshasa, DRC to start a feeding program for the children of the Congo. In the year 2002 the Presbyterian Women of PEVA applied for and received a Thank Offering grant totaling $12,905.

The program has been growing strong every since, thanks to the many Individuals, PEVA Churches and PW circles that have been donating funds for the feeding program. As of 2016 there is a CPK Women's Center and 12 feedings centers located in the city Kinshasa in the DRC.  There are two centers that are in the process of being built.  Also several CPK churches are feeding children of their community with help from their PEVA sister churches. 

All it takes is twenty-five dollars per month to feed a child in the Congo healthy and nutritious food. These children are living in an oppressed nation. It has been said that one drop of water may seem so insignificant on its own, yet when combined with other drops, can fill a well. All of us together as a presbytery can fill the hearts and stomachs of Congolese children.


Last Published: August 29, 2019 1:50 PM