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Food Desserts in Virginia


Food Desserts in Virginia

Food Deserts in Virginia Food deserts also disproportionately impact lower income residents, as they are less likely to have consistent transportation to a grocery store, and less money and time to spend on food. How far would you have to go to get from your house to a large grocery store?  Could you get there on foot or on a bike, buss or would you need a car?

PEVA's Hunger Action Advocate wanted to share the Historical and Continuing Perspective of Hampton Roads” presented by Johnny Finn, PH.D., Christopher Newport University. To learn more on this program visit  https://www.livingtogetherlivingapart.com/  There is a map  showing  how redlining contributes to where food deserts are today throughout Hampton Roads, VA. 

 reline food desserts

Food deserts can be found in all of Hampton Roads in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton. 

Last Published: June 17, 2021 10:49 AM