• 4/3/23 PEVA Council 1:00 Hybrid from PEVA Office
  • 4/4/23 Commission on Ministry 4:00 Hybrid from PEVA office
  • 4/6/23 Congregational Vitality Team 1:00 ZOOM
  • 4/12/23 PEVA Trustees 1:00 via Zoom
  • 4/18/23 Commisison on Preparation for Ministry 9:30 a.m. ZOOM
  • 4/25/23 133rd Stated Meeting of PEVA @ Williamsburg PC


We are called by God in Christ to bring good news and to proclaim release to those held captive by human structures and injustices. Discipleship means evaluating our lifestyle choices and adopting changes that reflect our faith and give witness to our commitments to mission and justice.

The HUNGER MINISTRY TEAM of PEVA, believing that hunger is unacceptable, leads and challenges the churches of PEVA and its entities in Christ’s name to alleviate chronic hunger and its immediate causes at home and abroad through information dissemination, education, advocacy, and the provisions of resources. 

There is always a need for new members to join the PEVA Hunger Ministry Team please contact the PEVA office.



fishes and  loavesNickel-A-Meal If every member in our presbytery gave just 5 cents a meal, $54.75 a year that’s a lot of spare change!  Collect your spare change, encourage a Nickel-A-Meal hunger offering, hold a food drive, and raise hunger awareness in your congregation.     Click Here to Learn More   The funds collected are used for hunger grants (direct food relief) for PEVA churches to serve their communities and those local organizations that have relationships and partner with PEVA churches. These grants are available thanks to donors and temporary restricted PEVA funds and do not come from the presbytery’s budget. They come from you, from the churches in this presbytery and temporary restricted PEVA funds. If you are not giving to this critical ministry to address hunger and its causes, both for the neighbor close at hand and for the neighbor further away, please make a plan to do so! GIVING ONLINE 

Grants Available our neighbors in Southeastern Virginia, on the Peninsula and the Eastern Shore will 
feel the loss of SNAP Emergency Allotments, which will dramatically reduce their monthly food budget and lead to increased demand for food assistance and food banks and or church food pantries. If your church is seeking funds for food and hunger related ministries PEVA's Hunger Ministry Team has grants available. Nickel-A-Meal (NAM) (for direct food relief only, grants due Aug 31st) and Church Community Hunger (limited to the community, not limited to food,  & no deadline to apply)  
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Hunger Facts 1 in 13 people in Virginia struggle to put food on the table! 1 in 10 children in Virginia face hunger. 45% of Virginia households receiving SNAP benefits are the working poor (less than $25,000 a year) 44.9% of Virginia households receiving SNAP benefits have children.  $1,002,380,166 distributed through SNAP.  Hidden hunger is a term used to describe what happens when vitamins and minerals are not part of the diet.  (updated 1/25/2023)

Migrant Farm Workers & Seasonal Agriculture Workers

Please remember the Migrant Farm Workers and Seasonal Agriculture Workers in your prayers as they work in the fields with their families this season, especially those on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Remember the work of all who have helped to make our meals possible. Please consider adding the Migrant Ministry to your outreach projects. Click Here for Updated 4/26/2022 Brochure contact jessica@pcusa-peva.org 


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