• 4/3/23 PEVA Council 1:00 Hybrid from PEVA Office
  • 4/4/23 Commission on Ministry 4:00 Hybrid from PEVA office
  • 4/6/23 Congregational Vitality Team 1:00 ZOOM
  • 4/12/23 PEVA Trustees 1:00 via Zoom
  • 4/18/23 Commisison on Preparation for Ministry 9:30 a.m. ZOOM
  • 4/25/23 133rd Stated Meeting of PEVA @ Williamsburg PC


The PEVA PEACEMAKING MINISTRY TEAM inspires, equips and mobilizes PEVA congregations and members to work for peace, and social justice.

Companion Guide to the Commitment to Peacemaking

We’ve committed to peacemaking — now what? Check out the “Companion Guide to the Commitment to Peacemaking” here. It assists congregations, mid councils and theological institutions as they make, reaffirm and deepen their commitments to peacemaking. The Companion Guide provides an intentional development plan for your peacemaking work and witness. It offers a set of original and curated resources designed to help Presbyterians engage a peacemaking area of emphasis of their choosing: poverty, violence, racism, climate change or immigration/migration.



Presbyerian Peace Fellowship is having a six-week education study group, about abolition.  That includes an examination of the complicity of theology, spiritual practices, and institutional norms. Using the the Abolition Journal Study Guide and the seminal book: “Are Prisons Obsolete?” by Angela Davis as a guide. One hundred percent of registration fees will go towards Voices of Jubilee (a PCUSA abolition ministry) and Critical Resistance (a long time org leading abolition movement led by BIPOC leaders). April 20 – May 25, Thurs @ 3:30 PT/6:30 ET Cost: is a sliding scale Come to the April 13 Info Session at 3:30 PT / 6:30 ET to learn more Register for six week course 


Responding to Gun Violence

Norfolk Gun Violence Dashboard impactful community-empowering research from The Urban Renewal Center ?

PCUSA 225th GA! The 225 General Assembly of PCUSA approved the  “Decade to End Gun Violence 2022-2032”.  See this summary of the GA including  action on race and gender action:  CLICK HERE FOR SUMMARY OF PCUSA GA ACTIONS

For over 50 years the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has supported reasonable gun laws to reduce murders, accidents, suicides and injuries. The Presbyterian General Assembly, the denomination’s highest body, has urged churches to post “No Guns in God’s House” signs as a public witness to the need to reduce gun violence. The goal is that 100 churches post this sign, study about this issue, promote constructive theological dialogue, education and awareness about gun violence and to confront the fears and anxieties that can prevent us from entering into healthy debate about what many Christians feel is too political an issue to address in church.  Download the free PDF sign to print for your congregationDownload & print the PDF brochure.  The Peace Fellowship has published a new Gun Violence Prevention Congregational Toolkit

Peacemaking Grants

If you or your church are seeking funds for peacemaking related ministries or activities PEVA's Peacemaking Ministry Team has grants available.  Gant Applications & Guidelines 

Peace & Global Witness Offering


The Peace & Global Witness Offering encourages the church to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division, and embrace our God's mission of reconciliation to those around the corner and around the world. 

Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize up to 25% of this Offering to connect with the global witness of Christ's peace. Mid councils retain an additional 25% for ministries of peace and reconciliation. The remaining 50% is used by the Presbyterian Mission Agency to advocate for peace and justice in cultures of violence, including our own, through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.



PROMOTIONAL ITEMS - Running a Social Media Campaign

  • 1940 - World Communion Sunday is an ecumenical celebration of our oneness in the Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing churches together in Christian unity.
  • 1980 - Presbyterian Commitment to Peacemaking is established.
  • World Communion Sunday (October 4) is the most common Sunday for receiving the Offering, but many congregations promote the Offering throughout


Robert Nusbaum Center (Center for the Study of Religious Freedom)

Through high-impact learning experiences, the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom informs, transforms, and equips individuals to be engaged leaders and citizens, as they increasingly understand why religious freedom is a basic human right of daily significance.  Since the late 1700s, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom has shaped Hampton Roads. PEVA's Peacemaking Ministry Team supports the efforts of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom and building bridges and fostering a dialogue of inclusiveness.

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Engaging people of faith and goodwill to advocate for economic, racial, and social justice in Virginia’s policies and practices through education, prayer and action. www.virginiainterfaithcenter.org/

            Donate , Volunteer , Sign up for VICPP emails

Peacemaking Ministry Team supports the efforts of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy. 

Human Trafficking

traffickingMedium2 (99x77)

How serious is HUMAN TRAFFICKING? How much does your congregation know about Human Trafficking?An estimated 800,000 people, of which 80% are women and up to 50% are minors that are trafficked across national borders. CLICK HERE FOR A TOOLKIT FOR ACTION

Other Peacemaking Articles & Resources



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