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Congo Partnership Ministries

Congo I Partnerhsip LogoIn Partnership with The Presbyterian Church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Presbyterian Church Community of Kinshasa (CPK) & Presbyterian Church Community of Congo (CPC) .  The connection between Presbyterians in Eastern Virginia and the Congolese dates back to 1891 when William H. Sheppard from Hampton Institute, along with Samuel Lapsley, founded the American Presbyterian Congo Mission at Luebo in Belgian Congo.  Since 1960 the Presbyterian Community of Kinshasa (CPK) has been an autonomous partner church of the PC(USA) in the metropolitan area of Kinshasa and the western provinces of Lower-Congo and Bandundu. In 1983 the CPK was divided into three presbyteries, which constituted the first synod. In 1995, the CPK had an estimated 40,000 communicant members, 10,000 active youth and 86 ordained pastors. Two pastors have finished doctorate studies, one of them a woman. The CPK meets regularly in its own General Assembly and in church-to-church consultations with the PC(USA). It receives mission personnel and maintains a Committee for Cooperation
to plan, coordinate and evaluate the specific joint programs. This committee consists of three representatives of each church with the CPK president serving as moderator.  The Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC) is the most historical and largest Presbyterian Church in the Congo with more than 1,250,000 members as of 1995.
Rooted in the ministries of the American Presbyterian Congo Mission (APCM), it is concentrated in the provinces of West- and East-Kasai and also has parishes in Shaba. The church is organized in eight synods, with 53 presbyteries, entailing 692 parishes and 269 preaching points with 878 pastors and 61 evangelists.
The CPC is firmly committed to the ecumenical movement and maintains a good relationships with the World Council of Churches, of which it has been a member since 1972.


CPK Leadership

cropped new cpk leadership

The Rev. Isaac Kalonji CPK Secretaire Général  (in Blue)

being greeted by the Rev. Kande, former CPK Moderator

(in white).


The Rev. Isaac Kalonji, CPK Secretaire Général  presented a video greetings that was shown at the 2018 CMN meeting recently.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO.


History of CPK



PW PEVA & CPK Feeding Program

DSCN0544Because of the consequences of the continuing rebel fighting in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the absence of infrastructure in the government, and natural disasters, many Congolese children were starving.  The Presbytery of Eastern Virginia’s (PEVA) Presbyterian Women worked with their sister CPK-Presbyterian Women in the Kinshasa, DRC to start a feeding program for the children of the Congo. In the year 2002 the Presbyterian Women of PEVA applied for and received a Thank Offering grant totaling $12,905.
The program has been growing strong every since, thanks to the many Individuals, PEVA Churches and PW circles that have been donating funds for the feeding program. As of 2016 there is a CPK Women's Center and 12 feedings centers located in the city Kinshasa in the DRC.  There are two centers that are in the process of being built.  Also several CPK churches are feeding children of their community with help from their PEVA sister churches. 
All it takes is twenty-five dollars per month to feed a child in the Congo healthy and nutritious food. These children are living in an oppressed nation. It has been said that one drop of water may seem so insignificant on its own, yet when combined with other drops, can fill a well. All of us together as a presbytery can fill the hearts and stomachs of Congolese children.


Sister Church Pairing


Starting in 1998, the ministry of the former Mission Facilitator Etienne Bote-Tshiek included the Sister Church Pairing Program, and Church-to-Church or Congregation-to-Congregation Twinning Programs. This Ministry has led to better understanding between members of congregations that live far away from each other by the exchange of different experiences in faith for Christ, the head of his global church. Opportunities such as the exchange of visitors at the grass roots, and of prayers lifted to God on behalf of people on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are being observed.

The mission of the Sister Pairing Sub-Committee is to strengthen the partnership of CPK and PEVA by making it more meaningful at the congregational level through the pairing of partner churches; to encourage participation of sister churches in proclaiming the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to promote fellowship through interaction and communication between members of sister churches, and to encourage the sharing of spiritual gifts

31 PEVA churches have been paired with 36 CPK churches and are whole heartily participating in the sister church pairing program. PEVA's Presbyterian Women also is paired with the Presbyterian Women in CPK. Prayers are being lifted to God on behalf of people on both sides of the Atlantic.  The  Congo Partnership Ministries has guidelines for the Ministry along with enhancing the Sister Church relationship guidelines.  If you have a sister church and would like to submit your question or concerns please fill out the  Sister Church Pairing Report Form and submit it to the PEVA office.


Bayside PC CPK - Lemba/CPK –Limete
Bethany PC
CPK - Bandal I
Calvin PC
CPK - Bongolo
Carver Memorial PC CPK - Kingasani II
Community PC, Portsmouth CPK - Gombe
First PC, Hampton CPK - Ngaba
First PC, Portsmouth CPK - Bumbu
First PC, Virginia Beach CPK - Makala I
First United PC CPK - Muanda/CPK – Kapela
Grace Covenant PC CPK - Barumbu/CPK -Kingabua
Greenbrier PC CPK - Kinshasa
Green Acres PC
CPK - Kintambo
Great Bridge PC CPK - Masini Sans Fil
Hidenwood PC CPK - Yolo Sud
Hilton PC CPK - Brinkin
Jamestown PC CPK - Ndijli II
Kirkwood PC CPK - Mikondo
Kings Grant PC
CPK - Salembao/CPK - Anunga
Lafayette PC
CPK - Kasa-Vubu
New Horizons PC CPK - Salongo-Lemba
Providence PC CPK - Masina I
Royster Memorial PC CPK - Salongo-Limete
Simonsdale PC
CPK - Ntumuo-Nketo
Second PC, Norfolk CPK - Ndijli III
St Andrew PC CPK - Mont Ngafula
Third PC, Norfolk
CPK - Mikonga
Williamsburg PC
CPK - Lokoro
Wycliffe PC
CPK - Bandal II
Wythe PC
CPK - Manenga
Yorkminster PC
CPK - Kindele            


Congo Ministry New Website

The Congo International Partnership
Ministries has it's very own website

PEVA Congo Partnership Leadership

Elizabeth Kenas

Congo Partnership Ministries Mission Statement

In one response to answer Christ’s call
to love one another
we strive to strengthen our relationships with our sister churches;
support each other’s efforts to grow in Christ;
and advocate for policies and action to foster both.

Make a Gift to the Congo Ministries


Please mail your check payable to:

801 Loudoun Ave 
Portsmouth VA 23503
Congo Partnership Ministries 
Funds are used to support the International Partnership efforts with the Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa (CPK)  which include international telephone charges, bank fees for international wires, travel
and other administrative costs.
CPK For use by Sister Churches 
These earmarked funds can only be used for special projects, purchase material for projects and immediate need(s) within the designated CPK sister church(es). 
CPK PW Feeding Program
 These earmarked funds can only be used to purchase material and food for the CPK PW Feeding Program.   The CPK PW Feeding Program has twelve feeding centers in the City of Kinshasa in the DRC. 
CPK Education 
Gifts from churches and individuals are used for Education, Schools, scholarships and school supplies in the DRC.
CPK Medical Mission 
Gifts from churches and individuals are used to support the ongoing needs of the CPK Medical Missions and Ministry in the DRC. There are 7 CPK Health Centers, 6 CPK Church Clinics and 5 CPK Maternity Clinics.  These facilities manage primary and preventive medical care for Congolese in the surrounding communities, provide sanitary education, immunizations, vaccinations, prevention of malaria and prenatal care as well as monitor programs for malnourished children.