Proposed Amendments to the Book of Order

At the upcoming January Stated meeting of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia, the Presbytery will be voting on the proposed changes to the Book of Order approved by and recommended to the presbyteries for their affirmative or negative votes by the 223rd General Assembly (2018).

Commissioners can review the proposed changes by reading the STUDY GUIDE.

Upcoming ...
  • 1/20 | PEVA Annual MLK Service 4:00 at King's Grant PC
  • 1/21 | PEVA Office Closed
  • 1/26 | PEVA Stated Meeting
  • 2/5 | COM 4:00 at Providence
  • 2/11 | Interims 12:00 at PEVA
  • 2/11 | Council 2:00 at PEVA
  • 2/19 | CPM 9:30 at PEVA
  • 2/22-23 | Church Leaders Retreat
  • 2/27 | SMT 10:00 at PEVA
Next PEVA Stated Meeting

January, 26

Hilton PC

34 Main Street

Newport News, Va

Vets House Inc.

homeless vets in AmericaVHI has been servicing Homeless veterans since 1992. They provide housing, food, clothing, counseling and other assistance to homeless veterans of the US Armed Forces in order to facilitate their return to gainful independent, responsible and productive lifestyles.


They are in need of the following:                                                                                            

  • Roadworthy Automobiles to be given to the program participants
  • Bicycles for program participants
  • Dedicated people to donate $10 to $20 monthly for one year
  • 12 Dedicated People to pay one month mortgage payment once per year
  • Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
  • Non Perishable Food Items
  • Gift Cards from Wal-Mart in order to buy meat, bread, potatoes, milk etc for newly arrived Veterans
  • Someone who is affiliated with a print shop to donate occasional printing to us
  • Occasional speakers who are in recovery to speak at our AA/NA meetings
  • Passes or tickets to local sporting events or movies

for more information please contact Mr. Willard Smith  757-724-8614 or visit


Last Published: May 16, 2018 3:42 PM