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Diaper Drive

diaper drive

DID YOU KNOW?  Several PEVA Churches collect diapers for several different organizations that help those is need.  Did you know some mothers have to reuse dirty diapers for their babies? Or that some children wear the same diaper all day? The same goes for disabled or senior adults.  The Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank is one of several local organizations that is addressing this problem.

  • No public assistance covers the cost of diapers including SNAP.   
  • Diapers average cost of $100 per month (babies need 8-12 diapers/day.  
  • Disposable diapers are required by daycares.  
  • Cloth diapers require access to sufficient laundry facilities.
  • Incontinence is considered a growing concern among adults age 60 and older.  

Consider having a Diaper Drive at your local church, Sunday School or PW group.  Look for coupons to help defray the cost. Support a ministry that touches the youngest and the oldest!

Last Published: May 16, 2018 2:31 PM