• 6/12/23 PEVA Council 1:00 via Zoom
  • 6/14/23 Tustees 1:00 via Zoom
  • 6/20/23 Commission on Preparation for Ministry 9:30

Migrant Farm Workers - 2017 Overview


PEVA's Hunger Action Advocate Jessica Fitzgerald, David McKercher of Saint Andrews PC, Samantha Suski of Third PC, and two faithful friends Suzan Razo and Enrique Malto packed two trucks on Thursday July 27th Jessica and David delivered the needed items to the East Coast Migrant Head Start Centers in Chertion and Parksley, VA.  Jessica & Susan handed out food kits and other needed items and said a few words at the parent meeting that evening at the Parsley center.  Susan was a great help with translation.  A special “thank you” to all that have donated to this ministry. Together we have touched the lives of 56 families.  That's 23 families at the Parksley Center and 33 families at the Chertion Center.  Please keep in mind for every family that is documented there is at least one undocumented family that is also helped if supplies are available.


Last Published: May 16, 2018 3:11 PM