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  • 9/21 Interims 12:45 via Zoom
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  • 10/2 Reports for PEVA meeting due
  • 10/5 COUNCIL 2:00 via Zoom
  • 10/6 COM 4:00 via Zoom
  • 10/7 Panelist Orientation 10:30 - 11:30
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  • 10/20 123rd Stated Meeting 10:00 via ZOOM


Director of Educations: Commumity Presbyterian Church, Portsmouth

GENERAL DEFINITION AND CONDITION OF WORK:  Performs professional and competent work in the administration and supervision of an Early Childhood Educational Center and its multitude of instructional, non-instructional and innovative programs; leadership and supervision are exercised over the TBH teaching and educational center support staff. The Community Presbyterian Church Pastor provides day-to-day supervision of Director’s work. Director is accountable to the Session of Community Presbyterian Church through the general supervision and oversight of the Thomas B. Hargrave Board of Directors.


Posted 9/16/2020

Facilities Manager: Williamsburg Presbyterian Church

Williamsburg Presbyterian Church (WPC) in Williamsburg, VA, is seeking a Facilities Manager. The Facilities Manager is responsible for and takes part in the day-to-day building and property maintenance, cleanliness, appearance, and security of Williamsburg Presbyterian Church toward the goal of presenting a well-maintained environment conducive to the services and functions of the church. Supervises the work of the church custodian. Must be self-starter


Posted 9/14/2020

PRESCHOOL STAFF: St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew preschool is looking for staff who love working with children to create a sense of love for learning in a faith centered environment. Read more ...

Posted 6/11/2020