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The next stated meeting of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia is on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at Bayside Presbyterian Church (1400 Ewell Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23455).
Monthly reports are usually available by the 10th of the following month.
UNoifired Giving

Annually member churches develop their budget for supporting the Presbytery through their pledges to PEVA for Unified Mission Giving Undesignated which supports the Presbytery’s annual operating budget that funds the Presbytery’s on-going, day-to-day ministries.  Many churches also, concurrently, develop their plan for giving designated ministries.  Other churches plan their giving to designated ministries at another time in the church’s calendar.  Whichever, the case the summaries provided here may be useful in your designated giving decisions.


new Offering Plate

Designated giving represents that financial support and out-reach “over and above” Unified Mission Giving.  The support our member churches provide to the special “designated giving” supports many special ministries and out-reach to extend the glorification of God and our Lord Jesus Christ.  “Designated Giving” support 5 principal categories: 


There are many advantages to providing your “Designated Giving” through PEVA.  This method allows your church to write just one check with their remittance document to cover their Unified Mission Giving (pledge, Code 1000) and “designate” any number of additional giving on the same remittance.  Cheaper and Simpler.  When PEVA receives your remittance, the indicated amount is recorded to the appropriate remittance code indicated on your remittance form.  Many churches select the same “designated” recipient.  Therefore, PEVA is able to consolidate all contributions to the same “designated” recipient and send a single check to that recipient.  Cheaper and Simpler.  Whenever, PEVA forwards funds to a “designated” recipient, a cover letter is sent to the “designated” recipient identifying which church and the associated amount is included in the consolidated check.  This consolidation also saves the recipient from having to process many, many smaller checks yet having full knowledge of who the “real donor” is.  Cheaper and Simpler.  Therefore, sending your “Designated Giving” through PEVA as part of your monthly remittance is a Win-Win-Win.

We hope that you find these “thumbnail sketches” of designated giving opportunities helpful in developing your “Designated Giving” plan.


GA $7.73 per member & Synod $0.85 per member.
54.5 cents business, 18 cents medical or moving and 14 cents charitable.