• 4/3/23 PEVA Council 1:00 Hybrid from PEVA Office
  • 4/4/23 Commission on Ministry 4:00 Hybrid from PEVA office
  • 4/6/23 Congregational Vitality Team 1:00 ZOOM
  • 4/12/23 PEVA Trustees 1:00 via Zoom
  • 4/18/23 Commisison on Preparation for Ministry 9:30 a.m. ZOOM
  • 4/25/23 133rd Stated Meeting of PEVA @ Williamsburg PC

PC(USA) GA Supported Missionaries

The featured missionaries are those who are currently or have recently been supported by PEVA member churches. Each of these missionaries are featured for “Designated Giving” selection when churches do their annual unified and designated giving decisions.

If you do not find the missionary which you choose to support, go to www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/mission-connections If you find a missionary that you prefer to support, you may donate to that missionaries ministry by citing “Designated Giving Code 2999” and putting the missionaries name and project number on your remittance form or pledge form.  You can also request that PEVA establish a "Designated Giving" code for that missionary to make your remittances easier.

Funds remitted to PEVA under the “Designated Giving Code” are consolidated with those of all the churches supporting a selected missionary and forwarded to PC (USA) approximately every month citing which church contributed to the support of which missionary.  


The Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) now invites the whole church to use one fund, General Sending and Support, "E132192, to support PC(USA)’s 80 mission co-workers to demonstrate this shared commitment.  You may donate to that General Fund on the church remittance form by citing “Designated Giving Code 2999 - General Missionary Support”.  Donors can still make gifts "in honor of" individual co-workers. 


Designated Giving Code #2019:
Ayoub, Nadia (Greece) D506029
Nadia works alongside our Greek partners as they faithfully hold to the biblical call to welcome the stranger. A mission co-worker since 1997, Nadia serves with Perichoresis, a ministry of the Evangelical Church of Greece that provides housing and support to refugees; most of whom have come to Greece from Arabic-speaking countries. Nadia provides interpretation services and other types of assistance for refugees during doctor’s visits and other appointments. Home presbytery: Elizabeth

Designated Giving Code #2027:
Boyd, Jeff & Christi (DRC) D506075
Jeff facilitates support for the relationships, programs and activities of PC(USA) partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and he mentors and encourages PC(USA) mission personnel. Christi accompanies global partners in DR Congo, Madagascar, Niger, Rwanda and South Sudan as they seek to strengthen their ministries to women and children and remedy the marginalization of women and children in their communities. Jeff and Christi facilitate partnerships linking PC(USA) congregations that wish to join these efforts and global churches, all with the goal of fostering faithfulness, mutuality
and effectiveness in cross-cultural relations. Home presbytery: Mid-Kentucky

Cindy corell
Designated Giving Code #2044:
Corell, Cindy (Haiti) D507566
Working with FONDAMA, the Joining Hands program in Haiti, Cindy connects U.S. churches with the realities of farmers facing hunger, land grabbing and profit — robbing food imports so that together they can work on improving those policies that prevent farmers from doing what they do best — growing food to feed people. Home presbytery: Shenandoah

Designated Giving Code #2201:
Esslinger, Kurt (South Korea) D507560
Kurt works with the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) and their Reconciliation and Unification Department. The NCCK maintains a relationship with our partner in North Korea, the
Korean Christian Federation (KCF), while conducting advocacy in Korea and around the world for a peaceful resolution of the continuing Korean War and reconciliation among the ideological conflicts on the Korean peninsula. Hyeyoung aims to help YAVs have a clear sense of their call to promote social justice, reconciliation and evangelism as people of faith. See page 24
to learn more about the YAV program. Home presbytery: Chicago

Tracey King MIssion co workers 2021-2022
Designated Giving Code: #2142
King-Ortega, Tracey (Central America) D507539
Tracey consults with partner churches and organizations in Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. She connects with our global partners, nurtures PC(USA) presbytery and congregational partnerships, helps organize and sustain country mission networks, and supports the work of other PC(USA) mission personnel. Tracey has a special focus on programs of reconciliation and peacemaking. Home presbytery: Pacific

KOball MIssion co workers 2021-2022Designated Giving Code: #2203 
Koball, Jed & Jenny, Peru D507513
Jenny coordinates the YAV program in Peru, organizing volunteer and cultural immersion experiences for young adults from the U.S. and shepherding them and the receiving organizations in a year of service, mutual learning and building Christian community. See page 24 to learn more about the YAV program. Jed accompanies the Joining Hands network, identifying and interpreting the root causes of poverty, such as mining contamination, global warming and unfair trade agreements. In this capacity, Jed facilitates the relationship between the Joining Hands network in Peru and PC(USA) congregations as together they develop strategies to address these daunting problems. Home presbytery/church: Hudson River/Broad Street Presbyterian

Designated Giving Code: #2199
McGill, James (Niger &South Sudan) D506718
Jim resources the water, sanitation and hygiene programs of the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN) and travels to South Sudan to facilitate similar work with the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan. Home presbytery: Greater Atlanta

Parker Scott Elmarie mission workers
Designated Giving Code: #2143
Parker, Elmarie & Scott (Lebanon) D507569
Elmarie assists in strengthening relationships among entities of the PC(USA) and those of partner denominations and organizations in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. She facilitates PC(USA) group solidarity and learning visits to these countries and supports other PC(USA) associates serving in this region. Scott works with the Middle East Council of Churches and centers on the project “Strong Kids, Strong Emotions,” a play-based program that seeks to develop emotional and spiritual resiliency in Iraqi and Syrian children who are refugees in the Beirut area. Home presbytery: Eastminster

Sthreshley MIssion co workers 2021-2022
Designated Giving Code: #2160
Sthreshley, Larry & Inge (DRC) D505045
Larry works with partner churches and organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo to help build capacity of health ministries. His work with IMA World Health assists partners implementing large, internationally funded health programs with positive impact on community health. Inge’s work with the Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa and IMA World Health focuses on training volunteers to help communities address malnutrition through nutrition and home gardening education and improved cook stoves. She also assists the Methodist Presbyterian Hostel, a mission guest house and conference center, facilitating mutual mission between groups from the U.S. and Congolese
partners. Home presbytery: New Hope

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