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Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Designated Giving

Designated Giving Code: #6001

Barium Springs Home for Children

Founded in 1891, Barium Springs Home for Children provided services to approximately 2,109 children in 2009.  This is nearly double the number of children and families served in 2008.  With staff increases and campus expansion, Barium Springs' goal is to expand and grow as the needs of NC children increase.  By teaching them, keeping them safe, and above all loving them, we show these hurting children there is promise for a bright future. Barium Springs provides a caring place to live for abused or neglected children, early childhood development for low income families, counseling services and foster family programs. They also offer behavior treatment in a school setting for troubled teens as well as early intervention se services for children still living in the community.

Designated Giving Code: #6003


The Mission of Edmarc is to ease the trauma of a child's illness or death, and to reduce the disabling effects of pediatric illness, loss, and bereavement on families.   They understand the overwhelming challenges that families face when a child is sick.  Some services they offer are home healthcare, hospice care and bereavement support.  These services are designed to alleviate pain anxiety and fear.  They offer comfort support and strength so that parents are able to do the same for their sick child.  In 2005, Edmarc provided care for about 28 children per day. By 2007, that number had nearly doubled to an average of 60 children a day.

Designated Giving Code: #6004

Presbyterian Children's Home of the Highlands

Presbyterian Children's Home of the Highlands is a ressidential childcare provider that understands the awesome responsibilities they assume as they strive to meet the mission of “Giving Children Hope & Purpose For The Future.” They provide an atmosphere of love and concern that enables the child to grow and mature physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially.

Designated Giving Code: #6005

Massanetta Springs

Massanetta Springs is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. This synod serves the 1,470 churches located in North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia’s panhandle, D.C. Maryland and Delaware. With offices in Richmond, the staff of the Synod celebrates the work of the center and encourages others to utilize its services faithfully.   Located in the heart of Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Massanetta Springs strives to provide a place where guests experience God's grace and hospitality.  Continuing a tradition of service since the early 1900s, the staff and facilities serve over 20,000 guests each year. Opened as a Presbyterian conference center in 1922, Massanetta Springs is now a National Historic District anchored around the Springhouse and the 1910 Historic Hotel.  New lodging facilities are available as the center embarks on the task of the rehabilitation of the Historic Hotel and other lodging. 

Designated Giving Code: #6012

Montreat Conference Center 

For over 100 years, Montreat Conference Center has been “a place set apart” for spiritual rest, renewal, and recreation. The Montreat Conference Center, as a mission center of the Presbyterian Church (USA), seeks to glorify God by serving the whole Church of Jesus Christ by calling all God’s people to a place set apart, for spiritual commitment and renewal, to grow in discipleship, to build relationships, and to prepare one another for Christ’s ministry in the world. 
The Montreat Conference Center is committed to offering safe, hospitable space to all the members and constituencies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), “space where change can take place,” even the very transformation made possible by the Holy Spirit. 
In its calling to Christian hospitality, the Montreat Conference Center does not adopt or endorse the policies or lifestyle statements of any group, agency or individual.  Rather it allows each guest and leader the space to freely explore and express the practice of his or her own faith within the Reformed Christian tradition, thereby enriching and informing the entire faith community

Designated Giving Code: #6006


HumanKind (Presbyterian Homes & Family Services) promotes dignity and develops the potential of individuals, families and communities through nurture, healing and encouragement. Their ministry envisions a compassionate society where the inherent value of every person is recognized, where families are healthy and communities where everyone can prosper.    Since 1903, Presbyterian Homes & Family Services (PHFS) has strengthened families and communities in many different capacities, changing our services to reflect the needs of society. The Presbyterian Children’s Orphanage, as PHFS was first called, opened in response to the needs expressed by leaders in the Presbyterian Church. Much of the existing campus was built by 1912 and by the '50s, as many as 125 children were fed, housed and schooled. Gardens and a dairy provided a large portion of the children’s diet. As new practices were developed to care for children in need, the orphanage has evolved into a group home facility, where professionals nurture and empower children and youth.  In 1964, Presbyterian leaders articulated a new need in the community – education for adolescents with mental retardation. In 1967, a training center in Zuni, Virginia was built where young men learned skills for employment. After a temporary stay at Zuni, the young adults returned to their home communities and found jobs. However, as society changed and new needs were identified, the Zuni Training Center became Zuni Presbyterian Homes, where 44 men and women live together in community.  As professionals developed and advocated for the Group Home concept - a home-like, supervised living situation - Presbyterian Homes & Family Services expanded its residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Zuni Homes closed in 2017 and placed residents in other housing throughout Hampton Roads.  Even thou the Zuni Homes is not open Human Kind does service to adults in other settings and ways.

Designated Giving Code: #6007

Sunnyside Retirement Home

A Presbyterian Ministry Since 1912, They have been setting the standards for full-service retirement living. They now have three campuses for a perfect retirement home. Sunnyside Communities Fellowship Fund provides the resources many residents require to help pay the full cost of their care. Not only does the fund help make ends meet but it also helps with the little extras that preserve dignity and security. At Sunnyside Communities they recognize that supporters make charitable contributions to the Fellowship Fund because they truly believe in the ministry to older adults who have outlived their resources.

Designated Giving Code: #6008

Union Theological Seminary 

Since its formation in 1812, Union Theological Seminary has sustained the intention of its founders to provide education for Christian ministry that is scholarly, pastoral, and engaged with contemporary life.
A century after its founding, and in response to a need of the contemporary church, the seminary was instrumental in establishing the Assembly’s Training School (ATS) for Lay Workers in 1914. ATS was renamed the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (PSCE) in 1959. From 1914-1997 the two theological institutions worked side by side to prepare pastors and educators for work in congregations, church agencies, and other institutions of Christian service.
The federation of the two institutions in 1997 brought Union and PSCE full circle as partners in God’s service, uniting to continue their distinctive and complementary educational contributions to the church.
In July 2010, Union-PSCE changed its name to Union Presbyterian Seminary to reflect a new vision for its future, signifying the new creation in which God is calling this historic seminary to participate.
The student body at Union Presbyterian Seminary - over 290 students - is coeducational, multi denominational, and international. Approximately one-half are women. In a typical year, students represent 33 states and 8 foreign countries, and pool from more than twenty denominations. 

Designated Giving Code: #6009

Volunteer Emergency Family for Children

Designated Giving Code: #6010

HumanKind Adult Services

Human Kind serves adolescents and adults with mental retardation that live in the Hampton Roads area.



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