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  • 3/19 | CPM 9:30 at PEVA
  • 3/20 | SMT 10:30 at PEVA
  • 3/21 | Educators at Grey Goose
  • 3/30 | Growing Spiritual Leaders at Hidenwood
  • 4/2 | COM 4:00 at PEVA
  • 4/6 | PW Spring Gathering at Providence PC
  • 4/8 | Interims 12:00 at PEVA
  • 4/8 | Council 2:00 at PEVA
  • 4/12 | REPORTS DUE (PEVA Packet)
  • 4/16 | CPM 9:30 at PEVA
  • 4/17 | SMT 10:30 at PEVA
  • 4/18 | PEVA Packet posted


“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”
~ Soren Kierkegaard

Concern: It saddens us to inform you that Otis Gregg, long time Elder and treasurer for Green Acres Presbyterian Church, died on January 15, at the age of 98. The funeral liturgy will be held at Green Acres Presbyterian Church, corner of High Street West and Hanley Avenue on Friday, January 18, 2019 at 10.30 a.m. 

Concern: Prayers are requested for the Rev. Michelle "Mike" Burcher's son, Josh, who was in an automobile accident. He is recovering from surgery that mended several compound fractures.

Concern: Please continue to pray for healing of the  Rev. Harold McKeithen, Covenant Pastor for Congregational Care at WPC as he recovers at home from surgery. Cards are appreciated.

Concern: Please continue to pray for the Rev. Georgianna Brabban-Johnson's (Tidewater Pastoral Services) husband, John (Larry) Johnson.  He is at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital (room 783).

Concern: Please keep former PEVA Moderator Jodi Humphreys' husband, Elder Jack Humphreys (Elder at Makemie Naomi Presbyterian Church) in your prayers as he struggles with pancreatic and liver cancer. He is at home with his family.

Please pray for the following individuals this week:
1/18/2019 Rev. Richard K. Knowles  (Dick) - Honorably Retired
1/19/2019 Ms. Regan  Knutson  - PEVA Staff
1/20/2019 Ms. Mary Margaret Kuivinen  - Hunger Committee
1/21/2019 Rev. William G. Lamont  (Bill) - Hidenwood Presbyterian Church
1/22/2019 Rev. Rebecca Page Lesley  - Member at Large
1/23/2019 Rev. Stanley H. K. Lin  - Honorably Retired
1/24/2019 Mrs. Amanda  Long  - Commission on Ministry
Please pray for the following church (its staff and session) this week:
Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church

Please pray for the following individuals next week:
1/25/2019 Rev. Edward L. Long Jr. - Honorably Retired
1/26/2019 CP. Kenneth I. Lucas  - Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church
1/27/2019 Ms. Beth  Lyon-Suhring  - Resource Center Committee
1/28/2019 Rev. Davis Lee Main  - Honorably Retired
1/29/2019 Rev. Thomas F. Mainor  (Tom) - Honorably Retired
1/30/2019 Rev. Alfred C. McCall Jr. (Fred) - Honorably Retired
1/31/2019 Rev. Lyndsey Marie McCall  - First Presbyterian Church (Virginia Beach)
Please pray for the following church (its staff and session) next week:
Second Presbyterian Church