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CONCERN: Mr. Robert T. Shefelton, Sr., father of Chip Shefelton, died on Saturday, May 13. He was a member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Richmond. Chip's wife, the Rev. Barbara B. Shefelton, presided at the funeral service on Tuesday.

CONCERN: The Rev. Barbara B. Shefelton underwent successful surgery on Wednesday, May 17 and is recovering at home. 

Please pray for the following individuals this week:
05/19/170 Rev. Clyde H. Johnson - Honorably Retired
05/20/17   Rev. J. Allen Johnson - Honorably Retired
05/21/17   Rev. Richard J. Keever - Honorably Retired
05/22/170 Rev. Gerald H. Kirby - Honorably Retired
05/23/170 Rev. Danny T. Klein - Jamestown PC
05/24/170 Rev. Richard K. Knowles - Honorably Retired
05/25/170 Rev. William G. Lamont - Hidenwood PC / PEVA Moderator

Please pray for the following church (its staff and session) this week:
Jamestown PC, Williamsburg

Please pray for the following individuals next week:
05/26/170 Rev. Rebecca P. Lesley - Green Acres PC
05/27/17   Rev. Stanley Lin - Honorably Retired
05/28/17   Rev. Edward Long, Honorably Retired
05/29/170 Rev. Richard W. Lovingood - Honorably Retired
05/30/170 Rev. William Lowrance - Chaplain, Sunnyside Retirement Community
05/31/170 Rev. Davis Lee Main - Honorably Retired
06/01/170 Rev. Thomas F. Mainor - Honorably Retired

Please pray for the following church (its staff and session) next week:
King's Grant PC, Virginia Beach