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PEVA Church Directory (updated 6/30/17)

PEVA Communications Guidelines (2010)

PEVA Leader Guide (2009)  (Please note the Presbytery is in the process of restructure

PEVA MANUAL (approved 7/24/12)

PEVA Personnel Policies & Practices (04/13) 

PEVA Personnel Manual Appendix A (01/10) 

PEVA Personnel Manual Appendix B (01/10) 

PEVA Personnel Manual Updated Administrative Assistant/HAE Job Description

PEVA Personnel Manual Updated Office Administrator Job Description

PEVA Sexual Misconduct Policy (11/29/11)

PEVA Teams & Committees Nominations Form

Developing Church SECURITY PLANS (PCUSA)

Presbytery Motion for Action Sheet

Ethical Responsibilities 2011

Manual for Church Admin Operations (Sample)


Board of Pensions 

BOP 2018 Dues & Rates 

PEVA BOP Policy (Approved July, 2014)


Clerk of Session

Book of Order (2017- 2019)

2017 Sessional Records Review Schedule

2018 Annual Report to Presbytery  (Due FEB. 1, 2018)

Report of the Clerk of Session (Updated 10 2017, form to accompany annual review of minutes)

Parliamentary Procedure (For new commissioners) 

Seeking to be Faithful (For new commissioners)

Sessional Records Exceptions (Guidelines)


Child Protection Resources

Better Safe Than Sued

PCAN Child Safe Church

PCUSA GA Child Protection Policy

Yorkminister PC Child Protection Policy (Sample)

Yorkminster PC Incident Report Form (Sample)

Other Resources (Links) Regarding Child Protection

Child Protection Workshop Sign Off Form (Sample)


Commission on Ministry 

COM Packets & Information  (COM Members Only, Member Login is Required)  

Annual Review of Terms of Call for 2018  (Posted 11/07/17)

Annual Review Terms of Call 2017 (Posted 10/09/17)

Terms of Call Addendum Clergy Housing Loan

Bridge Pastor Form 

Calling A Pastor

CRE Program Policy Approved 050614  (Former CLP position now named CRE, "Commissioned Ruling Elder")

CRE Application

CRE Covenant  04/06/16

2018 Compensation Guidelines for Teaching Elders, CREs and DCEs (Posted 12/8/17)

Covenant Pastor Form

Designated Pastor Call Form

Dissolution of a Pastoral Call Service

Ethical Responsibities When A Pulpit Becomes Vacant

Guidelines for PEVA Congregations Considering Withdrawal

Installation Report Form (Minutes)

Intentional Interim Covenant  (11/10)

MARS Brochure

Mentoring New Pastors

MIF Posting Instructions

MIF Form Blank

Yoked Ministry Information Form 

Minister & Educator Parental Leave, Sabbath, Holiday Policies  (03/10)

Occasional Supply (12/8/17)

Ordination and Transfer of Clergy

Parental Leave Policy (5/3/16)

PEVA PNC Handbook (10/07/14)

New PIF Procedure - Letter Sent to All Seekers (01/07/13)

Pastoral Covenant

Parish Associate Guidelines (2011)

Parish Associate Agreement (2011) 

Ruling Elder Commissioned to a Church (CLP/CRE) Form (Updated 10/2014)

Sabbath Policy for Pastors

Sabbatical Form

Sabbatical Guidelines  (Updated Nov., 2014)

Sample Motions for Dissolving Pastoral Relationships

Sexual Misconduct Policy PEVA

Standards of Ethical Conduct (PCUSA)

Pastoral Call Form (051313)

Temporary Relationship (Stated Supply) Agreement (2013)

Temporary Relationship (SS) Agreement 2013

Vacancies Manual (2014)

Validated Ministries (2012)

Why Vacancies Dues?


Disaster Preparation

After the Storm

Dealing with Trauma 012310

Evacuation Guidelines

Evacuation Routes (Know Your Zone)

Hurricane Checklist for Churches

Riding It Out

Tips on Food & Drinking Water Safety



Church Giving September 2017

Balance Sheet September 2017

Revenue & Expenses September 2017

Restricted September 2017

How to be Normal While Talking About Money

Mileage Payment Voucher 2017

2018 Pledge Letter & Materials (Pledge Due JAN. 27 2018)

PEVA Internal Control Policy Procedure Document

PEVA Payment Voucher

Pledge & Remittance Codes (Updated Oct 2017) 

Retention for Common Types of Church Records

Remittance Form 2017

Special Offerings Calendar 2018

Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Grants & Loans Brochure

Your PEVA Giving ay Work!

What is a Grant Proposal 


Mission & Ministry

Brief PEVA History

Nickel-A-Meal (NAM) Hunger Workbook

Nickel-A-Meal (NAM) Grant Application 

Vision Mission Approved Recommendations



Synod of the Mid Atlantic

224th Stated Meeting of the Synod of the Mid Atlantic Report from PEVA Commissioner Jim Kirkpatrick