• 6/12/23 PEVA Council 1:00 via Zoom
  • 6/14/23 Tustees 1:00 via Zoom
  • 6/20/23 Commission on Preparation for Ministry 9:30


"Transforming Good Church Leaders Into Great Ones"


The PEVA Coaching Network uses International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained and certified coaches from the Presbytery to develop greater vitality, effectiveness, resiliency, leadership, courage, confidence, and risk-taking adaptability in gifted clergy and church leaders in order to create healthier and more dynamic churches.

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If you are looking for a coach, then visit I am looking for a coach! COACHES ARE AVAILABLE AND FREE OF CHARGE!


People need coaching now more than ever!

In an ever changing world, faced with challenging times, leadership coaching comes alongside in an intentional Spirit-led relationship to support and encourage people to fulfill their God-given potential. Coaching occurs in a confidential sacred space within an intentional relationship that is highly personal, deeply intentional, and always contextual. Coaches co-create a desirable vision for the future, uncover the next steps, and then celebrate with the coachees when they arrive. Coaching is like being a spiritual midwife. With compassion, skill, honesty, and curiosity, coaches accompany coachees to facilitate the birth of something new. Coaching allows church leaders to expand the possibilities, explore the options, calculate the risks, take courageous actions, and grow from the experience in an atmosphere of supportive accountability.

A PEVA coaching relationship:

  • recognizes each person as resourceful, creative, and whole
  • focuses on the goals and issues of the coachee
  • is a self-discovery process where the coachee can discover new aspects of themselves
  • helps expand the possibilities for a coachee's life and ministry
  • is action oriented
  • challenges a leader to take calculated risks
  • offers support to a leader
  • provides accountability


The focus on coaching will always be generated by the coachee, and the coach is a partner who listens deeply, asks powerful questions, so that the coachee might set goals that are attainable and timely.

Curious what coaching looks like?

Watch this demo with 2 PEVA coaches. https://vimeo.com/538869334/ee06230098 

While all of these fields provide useful tools in particular situations, coaching is not:

  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Counseling
  • Spiritual direction

Leadership Coaches are available to you!

All church leaders are invited to consider coaching offered free of charge by the Congregational Vitality Team. The PEVA Coaching Network was launched to support church leaders in the Presbytery. If you are interested in benefitting from coaching, go to the "I'm looking for a coach!" page.