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  • 7/6 Council 2:00 via Zoom
  • 7/7 COM - 4:00 via Zoom
  • 7/13 Interim Pastors 12:00 via Zoom
  • 7/14 RDT - 9:00 via Zoom
  • 7/14 ZOOM Orientation for Commissioners 10:30 via Zoom
  • 7/15 Trustees/SMT 10:30 via Zoom
  • 7/18  ZOOM Orientation for Commissioners 9:00 via Zoom

Youth and Young Adult Ministry 

Montreat Highschool Youth Conference1_SQUARE

If we believe that the faith development of our youth, as well as providing them with events and activities that will help them grow personally and spiritually is important, we need to support our words with our actions by providing guidance for planning and leading these events.  Please consider using your gifts and talents to help our PEVA Youth and Young Adults.  CONTACT: Amanda Pine a.pine@kgpc.org

If you want to make a difference and have a voice in the planning of the events for YOU, sign up to be part of the leadership team.  Make your voice heard, learn leadership skills, meet new friends, spend time at camp and most importantly grow in your faith by becoming part of the leadership team!  Use the gifts and talents God has given you to help others.

Up coming Youth & Young Adult events!

NEW PEVA Youth Conference for Middle & High School Youth at YMCA Camp Silver Beach 11/8/19 - 11/10/19 more...

NEW Remebering Sabbath College Conference @ Montreat 1/2/2020 - 1/5/2020 more...

NEW Hands & Feet Initiative at General Assembly in Baltimore! 6/19/2020 - 6/27/2020 more...



SAVE THE DATE November 8-10, 2019 


Presbytery of Eastern Virginia Youth Conference For both Middle and High School Youth At the amazing, Camp Silver Beach on the Eastern Shore!

Our time on this earth is finite. Instead of living into God's call for us, we get distracted by the trivial things of this world. We are consumed with our image. We are fixated on our success. We forget our Maker's plan for us.

You are God's beloved creation. You are created in the divine image of God. God's love radiates in and around you. This retreat will focus on the practical ways that youth can love themselves, love their neighbors, and live to love God.

Keynoter: The Rev. Dr. Joy Denise Carrington, Director of the Wesley Westminster Foundation at Norfolk State University

FLYER           |           REGISTRATION PACKET

For a scholarship application,  please contact Amanda Pine (a.pine@kgpc.org)


Hands & Feet Initiative at General Assembly in Baltimore 2020

June 19-27, 2020

Baltimore, MD
$550 per person
PEVA high schoolers will ride to Baltimore to participate in the “Hands and Feet Initiative,” led by the PCUSA General Assembly. It  encourages Presbyterians to do mission work within the city that General Assembly meets so that Presbyterians will “leave the city better than the way they found it.”

Our group will work  through the mission agency called “The Center.” We will serve in various ways throughout the week with an emphasis on food insecurity. Also, we will take the opportunity to attend, as visitors, multiple worship services, and meetings of the Presbyterian General Assembly. The goal is to have a transformative faith experience through service with others, worship, fellowship, and to learn more about our Presbyterian Church USA denomination.  

For more information contact Rev. Lyndsey McCall   

Remembering Sabbath College Conference @ Montreat


January 2-5, 2020

Montreat, North Carolina

Registration deadline: November 1, 2019

This trip is at capacity. There is a waiting list. Please contact Amanda Pine (a.pine@kgpc.org).

 We live in a society that tells us to go non-stop. We celebrate those who are constantly busy and consider those who take time off to be unproductive. The practice of Sabbath invites us to be still and know God, any day of the week. However, the reality of our society and the economic demands of our world prohibit many from even considering a few hours of rest.
From Genesis to Revelation, our scriptures mention Sabbath over 170 times. In the Old Testament, God rests on the seventh day of creation and repeatedly tells the people to observe the Sabbath. In the Gospels, Jesus consistently takes time to rest and share with others that Sabbath is also a day to do good and promote the wellbeing of others. After Christ’s death, we read in the book of Acts that his followers continue to recognize the Lord’s Day.

Join us for 2020 College Conference at Montreat, as we explore the ways Sabbath influences our faith, impacts our personal well-being, and promotes justice and care for our neighbors and surrounding creation.

Cost: $175 per person. Scholarships are available for those who need them.
Click here for more information | Click here for registration form

or contact Amanda Pine apine@kgpc.org

A. Purnell Bailey Pre-Ministerial Program for Ordained Ministry

from Randolph-Macon College

For students who sense a calling to full-time Christian ministry, the A. Purnell Bailey Pre-Ministerial Program at Randolph-Macon College offers encouragement through a weekly vocational discernment group, two internships, and financial support. As the oldest continuously operating United Methodist College in the United States, Randolph-Macon is committed to nurturing young adults who are sensing a call to Christian vocation.

The Bailey Scholar award offers half-tuition during a student’s freshman and sophomore years and full-tuition during the junior and senior years along with two internship experiences (one for academic credit and one with a $3,000 stipend).

Learn more ...

See the Amazing Spirit at the 2016 PYT

Krislund Mission Work Camp


This is an exciting opportunity for groups to come to central Pennsylvania in mission to help repair and improve the homes of needy neighbors while lodging comfortably in the lodges of Krislund and using our camp for recreation, fellowship and worship. Working as the hands and feet of Christ, groups of all types (ages, skills and talents) can grow in faith, fun, and service.
It is thier mission to minister to these folk by providing teams to assist in the tasks of painting, landscaping, installing ramps, removing trip hazards, etc. We will be partnering with other local churches and social services to identify those we can help most and to match the need with the skills and abilities of volunteer groups. And we will be providing those teams with pleasant comfortable surroundings and good meals! Everybody wins! For more informaion, please read our borchure or visit our website (www.krislund.org), or contact Randy Mcmunn, Mission Outreach Director - email: mcmunn@krelund.org, cell: 804-273-0970.


Joint Youth Opportunities & Outreach

youth op

H.E.L.P., Inc.  H.E.L.P. (Hampton Roads Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions) Incorporated is a non-profit organization that ministers to the dignity and needs of the people in the Hampton community by providing assistance in the areas of housing, food, assistance, and health and dental care.  Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities, including gathering donations, preparing snacks, or helping with administrative work.  Visit www.helphouse.org/ for more information. 

ST. Columba Ministries St. Columba Ministries is an ecumenical ministry that operates "in response to the Biblical Mandate to minister to persons in need, whether these needs are economic, social or spiritual.  Individual and group volunteers are needed to package and distribute food, hygiene items, and school supplies.  Volunteers are especially needed during the first weeks of school, just before Thanksgiving, and just before Christmas. Groups may also collect needed items.  Sandwiches are also needed at any time. CALL 757-627-6748 or visit http://www.stcolumbaministries.org/ for more information. 

William E. Rattley Road Ahead Center at CARVER MEMORIAL PC The William E. Rattley Road-Ahead Center serves the peninsula community in need of clothing and food. Volunteers collect and distribute food and clothing to those in need. For more information, please CONTACT Charles Williams at 757 244-3893.   

Resources for Youth Ministry

Presby Youth is a online resource that offers downloadable quarterly curriculum for tweens, younger youth, and older youth. Categorized by age-levels, liturgical seasons, and biblical themes, lessons are easy to use, age appropriate, scripturally based, and rooted in Reformed tradition.

Youth Ministry Architects:If you are looking to organize your youth program, this is the place to start. Mark Devries and his team have a ton of free, downloadable, resources to help a youth ministry get back on track and strengthen your ministry.

PRC- Practical Resources for Churches:This website has a TON of webinars that can strengthen your ministry. Every component of ministry is addressed in these free webinars!

2019 PEVA Youth Resources


The Rev. Lyndsey McCall (First PC, Virginia Beach) has compiled a list of resources for Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Presbytery.

The list includes:
  Continuing Education
  Mission Agencies
  Tour Groups

Resources for Youth & Young Adult Ministry by Rev. Lyndsey McCall