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  • 4/2 | COM 4:00 at PEVA
  • 4/6 | PW Spring Gathering at Providence PC
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Welcome to

the Resource Center

The Resource Center of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia contains over 4,000 books, DVDs, kits, curricula, program guides, CD’s, interactive software and study helps all intended to enhance the programs of our area churches and the daily walks of our church members. Whether it’s devotional reading, program ideas, class curriculum, college and seminary information, Bible commentaries, study aids, or maybe a moveable labyrinth or some adorable puppets, the Resource Center can offer options and assistance!  

Search the Catalog & Collection

You may browse the Resource Center online catalog using the SEARCH feature. Search for a topic, a title, an author, or view the latest additions to the catalog. Using the advanced search option is best! You may reserve resources from within the search feature, by phone or e-mail. CLICK HERE TO SEARCH

Worshiping with Children Blog

Blogger CAROLYN BROWN is a retired PCUSA educator and author. She now blogs instead of publishing books and resides in Charlottesville, VA. CLICK HERE to go directly to her BLOGSPOT, "Worshiping with Children," in which you'll find numerous ideas for Rally Day, which (for many churches) is Sept.11 under the date index!


Children's Book "Who Counts"

By Amy-Jill Levine & Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. Who Counts? is a creative retelling of three of Jesus' most popular parables: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. Written for children ages 4-8, it's perfect for church libraries, children's classes, vacation Bible school, and bedtime reading!  READ A STORY FROM WHO COUNTS? 

Are We Walking By Faith

This book is written in response to a life question, “Are you walking by FAITH?” by Katherine A. Simons.  It inspires coloring, conversation and reflection on mystery by people of any age.  Scripture is the story of Thomas and the Risen Jesus meeting him.  To order, visit parsonsporchbooks.com or Amazon.com 

Over Due Resources

Please take a look around your house, office, study, church or car for overdue resources and return them to PEVA as soon as you can!

Story Path Christian Education Resources for Children

Three years ago, Dr. Pamela Mitchell Legg and Dr. Rebecca Davis were teaching a CHILDREN'S and YOUTH LITERATURE class at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Charlotte, NC. They wanted to share the work that their students were doing in that class and solicited the help of the Library staff on the Richmond campus to do just that.  We were all walking into new territory, but over the years, we have found new writers, new ways to connect literature and our faith story, and lots of new readers who have told us inspiring and wonderful stories about children, young people and ministry. You also told us – always graciously -what we could do to make the site easier to use.  So, after three years, it is time for a new site: Go to http://storypath.upsem.edu/ and find loads of book reviews, lectionary links and more to assist you in planning and carrying out Christian Ed programs!


Resources for Youth Ministry

Presby Youth is a online resource that offers downloadable quarterly curriculum for tweens, younger youth, and older youth. Categorized by age-levels, liturgical seasons, and biblical themes, lessons are easy to use, age appropriate, scripturally based, and rooted in Reformed tradition.  

Youth Ministry Architects: If you are looking to organize your youth program, this is the place to start. Mark Devries and his team have a ton of free, downloadable, resources to help a youth ministry get back on track and strengthen your ministry.

PRC- Practical Resources for Churches: This website has a TON of webinars that can strengthen your ministry. Every component of ministry is addressed in these free webinars!

Resource Ministry Mission Statement

Providing access to a large spectrum of
Christian resources for local church programming with
emphasis on Reformed and PC(USA) resources.
Making available equipment for use by the
churches on a loan basis.
Providing Christian education ideas to
help churches with existing programs or
to develop new ones.
Promoting new and existing resources to the
churches in the Presbytery.
Becoming a link between the churches in
networking the resources available from various
sources in the Presbytery.
(videos, speakers, resources, etc.)


Lending Policy

1.    Resources are available for loan to all members of PEVA churches.

2.    Loan period is for two weeks, unless you ask for an extension to use the resource longer.

3.    Use the Search function to find resources, and email the Resource Center about a reservation. We will confirm your reservation by email after checking availability. The loan is not guaranteed until our return email.

4.    You may pick up your resources here at the Presbyterian Center at the appointed date.

5.    When the distance is an issue, we can mail them Media Rate allow up to two weeks for delivery. You will be responsible for return postage. Please reuse the same box for security of the resource.

6.    Overdue letters will be mailed quarterly prior to the Presbytery meeting (January, April, July, October); after six months, if the resource has not been returned to the Resource Center, borrowers will be asked to financially replace the lost resource.

Audio Visual Equipment: AV/Data Projector, and portable sound system is available for events.  Call or email the Resource Center for availability and to request a reservation.

Periodicals: Various periodicals are maintained, and back issues are available. The Resource Center also receives publications and newsletters from all PC(USA) colleges, seminaries, and General Assembly program units.


PC (USA) Mission Yearbook Online

Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study is available EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE, in order to share its inspiring content in a timelier manner and also demonstrate good stewardship of church resources.” 


PC(USA) Abuse Prevention Helpline

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has teamed with the Insurance Board and Praesidium to help PC(USA) church councils and members of churches prevent child sexual abuse.  The partnership has launched a TOLL- FREE ABUSE PREVENTION  HELPLINE  1-866-607-SAFE to provide assistance to church councils and church families in their efforts to keep predators away from children. This information can also be posted/shared in ladies' rest rooms, etc. in light of safety concerns.


More Than Words

This book seeks to define a language of inclusion, love and hope and explores modern family values.  Rleased by Presbyterian Publishing Corporation CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 

Growing in Grace & Gratitude

Growing in Grace & Gratitude is rooted in the foundation of Presbyterian identity where God's grace and our gratitude are the heartbeat of our faith, life, and worship; extends an invitation to discipleship that inspires children to learn and practice hospitality, generosity, and love; and reaches beyond Sunday morning, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God's grace.  Free Growing in Grace & Gratitude e-book now available E-book includes colorful illustrations, Bible stories, activities for families, and audio readings


Hosting an Online Meeting

The Presbyterian News Service published an excellent article with suggested best practices for conducting online meetings. Online meetings can save your congregation or presbytery time and money and may allow greater participation from members and churches. On the other hand, online meetings done poorly can be unproductive and create a negative experience for participants.” CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE