Liza for staff
General Presbyter
The Rev. Liza Hendricks
Phone (757) 397-7063 Ext. 303
John Tamm 2
Stated Clerk
Elder Q. John Tamm
Phone: 757-397-7063 Ext: 310


When it comes to interpreting the Book of Order, John can find the answer. John serves as staff support to the Vision Implementation Council, Church Order Team, Commission on Ministry, Permanent Judicial Commission, and helps coordinate meetings of Presbytery in conjunction with the Vision Implementation Council.  He maintains the rolls of ministers and certified educators in the Presbytery and keeps records of all proceedings of PEVA. He is an elected official of the Presbytery, his position being required by the Constitution, and is directly responsible for carrying out ecclesiastical functions, i.e., Book of Order responsibilities. 



Administrator/Journal Clerk
Certified Church Administrator Level III
Elder Linda Smith
Phone 757-397-7063 Ext: 311
Skype: linda.churchlady50
Linda works with the General Presbyter, Stated Clerk. She can answer your questions about Commission on Ministry, Commission on Preparation for Ministry, Vision Implementation Council (VIC), Communications, Care and Support, Interim Pastors, Congregational Transformation and administrative concerns. She also assists the Resource Center Committee, the Church Educators group and MWMT as needed.  Linda also oversees the daily operation of the PEVA office. She makes sure that everyone throughout our presbytery knows about workshops, concerts and other events to which all are welcome. She helps spread lots of Good News!  She is the friendly voice from 10-3 that answers the phone at the Presbytery Office, and is a Certified Church Administrator.
Barbara and Jess at Dinner
Administrative Assistant / Hunger Action Enabler 
Certified Church Administrator Level III
Elder Jessica A. Fitzgerald
Phone: 757-397-7063 Ext: 308 
Skype: pevajessicafitz 
Jessica, a Certified Church Administrator, works with the Administrator, Business Administrator.  She supports Congregational Mission Partnerships, the Congo International Partnership Ministries, Hunger Committee, Peacemaking Committee, Communications Work Group, Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Women and the Eastern Virginia Black Caucus Chapter, Youth Ministry, Resource Center Committee and MWMT as needed.  She provides a variety of clerical support services and computer technical support. She can answer your questions about Mission Giving contributions and Missionary Project codes, church giving and other administrative concerns. 
As Hunger Action Enabler, Jessica works with ministries related to hunger, peacemaking, disaster assistance issues and hunger related causes as well as the presbytery's Cents-Ability program..  She is the other friendly voice from 10-3 that answers the phone at the Presbytery Office.


Regan Knutson
Business Administrator
Regan Knutson

Phone: 757-397-7063 Ext: 305



Regan, has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting & Business Management.  She is responsible for Presbytery's accounting and finances which includes accounts payable, classifying and recording revenue from various sources (mission giving, gifts, restricted funds that include capital fund campaigns) processing payroll for PEVA’s staff, the filing of quarterly payroll (withholding taxes, both federal and state) and the preparation of annual forms (W-2, W-3, 1096, and 1099).  She reconciles monthly bank accounts with an appointed SMT member and coordinates the budget process, including the distribution of budget requests forms, as directed by the General Presbyter. She serves as primary staff for the Stewardship Ministry Team. 

Pastoral Leadership at Campus Ministry UPM/ODU 
Rev. Catherine Hart Monroe
Phone: 757 489-2042
Campus Ministry at Old Dominion University. Campus Ministry Committee leads student Bible study and creates activities such as Bible Study, dinners, opportunities for service and mission trips for Presbyterian students and other students that are interested in the Presbyterian Campus Ministry fellowship and provides pastoral care for students and faculty.  Please visit the UPM website  for further details.  
Chad rocket
Makemie Woods Camp and Conference Center/Operations Manager
Chad Rockett
Phone: 1-800-566-1496
Chad oversees staff, facilities and operations of the Makemie Woods Camp and Conference Center.  He works primarily with the Makemie Woods Management Team (MWMT), using a cadre of volunteers and part-time staff to accomplish the objectives of the Camp.  Chad works directly with the Makemie Woods Management Team. He works under the supervision of a designated member of the MWMT and the Transitional General Presbyter.     Please visit the camp webpage  or call 1-800-566-1496. 
Makemie Woods Camp and Conference Center/ Office Assistant
Elizabeth (Beth) Martin
Phone: 1-800-566-1496 or 757-566-1496 
Beth has worn many hats at Makemie Woods - camper, parent of campers, parent of a counselor, summer staff, committee member, and volunteer.  Her most recent role is Office Assistant and she greatly enjoys introducing people to the joys of the camp and welcoming back so many old friends.  If you are interested in finding a retreat, she would love to help.