Joshua 3:2 - 4a

Joshua 3




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2014 GA Detroit

A summary of actions taken by the 221st GENERAL ASSEMBLY in Detroit has been created by the Office of General Assembly and is now ready for your reading pleasure!  Just click on GA SUMMARY to open. We have also provided a PASTORAL LETTER from the GA Stated Clerk and Moderator, as well as FAQ sheets on SAME GENDER MARRIAGE and DIVESTMENT. We hope you will find these resources helpful.  Click PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to get the full text of changes that we will be considering for approval early next year.  Two studies regarding Christian marriage are also available: a 6 WEEK STUDY and a 2 HOUR STUDY.  For those worried about churches being sued for not offering their facilities or performing such marriages, we have the following legal opinions/documents to help provide clarity: Same Gender Marriage Legal Summary PCUSA, Sect. 16 VA Constitution Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, Jones vs. City of Opekila.



Every week we will post 5 BIBLE QUESTIONS on the home page of the PEVA website and provide answers on another page.  You may  appreciate the mini-brush-up, be inspired to seek greater detail from your Bible, and/or congratulate yourself on being a Biblical scholar extraordinaire!


  1. In reviewing a recent book, the reviewer comments, "At a certain point of hunger, we are all like Esau." What did Esau do?
  2. The Bible contains an exciting story about a young wife who, knowing her husband to be in grave danger, saved him by getting him out of the house through a window and fixing up an image in the bed to deceive his pursuers.  Who were the principals in the story?
  3. The last chapter of II Samuel tells of how David, having sinned, was offered the choice of three punishments: seven years of famine, three months of defeat at the hands of his enimies, three days of pestilence.  Which did he choose?
  4. When Jesus, in the synagogue of his home town, read out what he declared was his commission, from what Old Testament writer did he read?
  5. What farmer boy set off in search of some strayed animals and came home with the promise of a kingdom?


* The pastor is responsible for the selection of scripture and preparation of the sermon for each service.  Is that all?

Answers can be found on the HUNGER PEACEMAKING PDA page!


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