2019 Cost of Living Adjustment

At the 116th Stated Meeting of PEVA on October 23, 2018, at Green Acres Presbyterian Church, the Presbytery approved the following action of the Commission on Ministry (COM):

On August 7, 2018, [COM] approved the recommendation of the Stated Clerk, based on a recommendation of the Board of Pensions, that the cost of living adjustment for 2019 be 1.9%. This establishes $45,482.00 as the minimum for cash salary and housing for ministers in full-time calls.

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Dear family of God,

We know that your hearts, like ours, have been broken as the devastation wrought by wildfires in California continues to increase in severity. In addition to the destruction of land and forests, the cost to lives and human community has been unprecedented, and those costs are still rising. The town of Paradise has been leveled; more than 80 people have been confirmed dead at this writing, and thousands more are unaccounted for. In Northern California, families are living in tents and having difficulty accessing basic services; many of those who have lost their homes are older than 60. While the focus is on those closest to the fires, the impact is widespread. Due to the smoke, communities hundreds of miles from the fires are being impacted by unhealthy air quality. What’s more, after the wildfires there is an increased risk of mudslides.

Through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been present since the beginning of the disaster. Working closely with leadership in the affected presbyteries, we have released emergency grants to support the presbyteries in meeting the urgent needs of their neighbors. At the request of the Red Cross, PDA has deployed four disaster spiritual care providers from our national response team to work directly with survivors in shelters and the affected communities. We are deploying additional PDA teams to support the presbyteries in their assessment and response as they help their neighbors begin recovery. Additional grants for ongoing emergency support for survivors and long-term recovery will be forthcoming. 

The needs for the response will be great. God's people are once agian called to stand in the "GAP" - Give. Act. Pray.

Bulletin Insert  |  Give online - DR000165   |  Gift of the Heart Kits

PC(USA) grieves with Jewish siblings in “violent act of hate.” Read the PC(USA) Stated Clerk's (the Reverend Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II) statement on the Pittsburg Jewish Synagogue shooting.

Stated Clerk's Statement on Pittsburgh Jewish Synagogue Shooting (pdf)



The congregation of Second PC assembled hurricane relief kits for their sister church St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC.

The Rev. Catherine Monroe (r), Second PC, with the Rev. Rob Lapp (l) and the Rev. Derek Macleof (c), St Andrews Covenant PC, Wilmington, NC.

The congregation of Thailia Trinity PC after their last congregational meeting. They are merging with King's Grant PC.

Clothing, hygiene kits, food, and other supplies collated by various PEVA churches were delivered to the Migrant Head Start Centers on the Eastern Shore in August.

PEVA youth from Community PC (Hampton), Simonsdale PC, Hilton PC, Grace Covenant PC, and King's Grant PC at Montreat Youth Conference 2018.

The Rev. Eulalie Kitega and Rev. Anbgelique Nkanru Mikanda spoke at a breakfast at Bayside PC in honor of the DRC's independence day.

Special events were held at Bayside and New Horizons PCs marking the 68th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's independence day.

PEVA officers and "Hands & Feet" mission group at the 223rd General Assembly which was held in June in St. Louis, Missouri.

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PC(USA)PDA Responds

Disaster Assistance Response of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is responding to needs from Wildfires on the West Coast, Hurricane Florence  and Michael on the East Coast, Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines and the Earthquake in Port-de-Paix Haiti.  Presbyterians are asked to join in the response and encourage those in need by standing in the “GAP”.  The needs for the response will be great. God’s people are once again called on to stand in the “GAP”—Give. Act. Pray.  

Give - Four PDA numbers have been assigned for monetary gifts to help the devastated regions:
DR000165 - U.S. Wildfires "California"
DR000169 - US Hurricane Response "Hurricane Florence/Michael"
DR000194 - "Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines"
DR000064 - "Earthquake in Port-de-Paix Haiti"

Donations may be sent to the Presbytery office using these numbers. All funds will be forwarded to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Gifts can also be made online at http://pda.pcusa.org/page/give/,
by phone at (800) 872-3283.

Act - Presbyterians are encouraged to assemble Gift of the Heart cleanup buckets pda.pcusa.org/ page/kits. Learn how you and your congregation can help families who have lost everything in the devastation. Stay informed on FacebookTwitter, and download resources, and share updates with your congregation.

Pray - Pray for the people impacted by these storms; for the first responders who put themselves in harm’s way to care for others; for the communities; and for God’s sustaining grace through it all.

Co-Moderators of the 223rd General Assembly

co-moderators of the 223rd. General Assembly

Ruling Elder Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri and the Rev. Cindy Kohlmann

On the final vote, Cintrón-Olivieri and Kohlmann received 266 votes to 253 for the team of Maxim and Johnson. Atnip and Hockenberry got 5 votes on the fourth ballot after having received 45 on the first ballot. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE 

PC(USA)Community Demographics

pcusa community

Research Services of the PC(USA) offers a webpage to obtain demographic reports for a specific community. Interested? VIEW HERE