1 Corinthians 12:4-7

Now there are varieties of gifts



In order to assist all those who must update Terms of Call and plan church budgets for 2015, we have provided several documents that will help give context and factual information regarding 2015 BOP CHANGES.  We have created a special section of the "Other Forms and Docs" page where we will provide this information, also.  Click PEVA BOP POLICY (July, 2014), TRADITIONAL PROGRAM MED DUES MODEL, FACTS & FIGURES, and MED DUES CHART.  Remember that you can always contact Helen through the BOP website, too!


2014 GA Detroit

A summary of actions taken by the 221st GENERAL ASSEMBLY in Detroit has been created by the Office of General Assembly and is now ready for your reading pleasure!  Just click on GA SUMMARY to open. We have also provided a PASTORAL LETTER from the GA Stated Clerk and Moderator, as well as FAQ sheets on SAME GENDER MARRIAGE and DIVESTMENT. We hope you will find these resources helpful.  Click PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to get the full text of changes that we will be considering for approval early next year.  Two studies regarding Christian marriage are also available: a 6 WEEK STUDY and a 2 HOUR STUDY.  For those worried about churches being sued for not offering their facilities or performing such marriages, we have the following legal opinions/documents to help provide clarity: Same Gender Marriage Legal Summary PCUSA, Sect. 16 VA Constitution Bill of Rights, Constitution of the United States, Jones vs. City of Opekila.


Jean Serge Lumu Shabani

The Rev. JEAN SERGE LUMU SHABANI, from CPK in the Democratic Republic of Congo, will be in the Hampton Roads area from SEPT. 16 - 30.  He is representing PEVA's Congo Partnership Ministry at the national meeting fo the Congo Mission Netweork in Great Falls, MT.  While in the area, Serge is AVAILABLE to VISIT churches and church groups.  He will also be present at the Congo Community Dinner (see announcment on the "News & Events" page) at Bayside PC on Sept. 20.  Contact CPM Moderator Jane Lockhart if you have questions or would like a visit from Rev. Shabani.



We are not alone!  That is one of the messages of World Communion Sunday, which the Presbyterian Church (USA) will celebrate with Christians around the world October 5, 2014.  

The Peace & Global Witness Offering is received during the SEASON OF PEACE, which ends on World Communion Sunday.  A gift to the Peace & Global Witness Offering enables the church to promote the Peace of Christ by addressing systems of injustice across the world. Individual congregations are encouraged to utilize up to 25% of this Offering to sustain their local peacemaking ministries.  For more information and resources please visit: www.presbyterianmission.org/seasonofpeace.

Your support of the Peace & Global Witness Offering also allows us as a Presbytery to contribute to important peacemaking efforts in and beyond PEVA boundaries.  Gifts from the 2013 PEVA’s share of the Peacemaking Offering were used in these ways:  $200 - To assist attendee, in expenses to attend the 2013 Covenant Network Conference, $500 - Joy Village (Kenya), $200 - Global Ministry Team - Redeeming Roses (Human Trafficking in Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia), $500 - House of Hope (Human Trafficking in Nicaragua), and $500 - Bullying Seminar for 2014.



Frances Taylor Gench
UNION ON THE MOVE - OCT. 18-19: Register now!

PEVA will have a rare opportunity on OCT. 18-19 when 7 excellent professors from UNION PRESBYTERIAN SEMINARY will conduct FREE WORKSHOPS at FIRST PC, NORFOLK for all interested clergy and lay leaders!  Seminary President Brian K. Blount will present Cooking Up Community - A Prophetic Perspective on the Eucharist; Kenneth J. McFayden will lead A Vision for Transformational Leadership: How Must We Change our Lenses?; Stan Hargraves will lead Grace-Full Living: Engaging with the Great commission in the 21st Century; Stanley H. Skreslet will help us explore What is Missiology?; Karen-Marie Yust will present Spirituality and Digital Culture; Frances Taylor Gench will lead Desperate Housewives?: Engaging Tyrannical Texts; and Joshua B. Ralston will provide insight into Humble Particularity: Christian Faith in a Pluralist World.  All will be held between 11 AM - 4:15 PM with lunch included.  There will be a DINNER held at ROYSTER MEMORIAL PC that evening from 5:30 - 7:30 PM with President Blount, and seminary students will be available to preach and teach in PEVA congregations on SUN., OCT. 19REGISTRATION DEADLINE: OCT. 12!  Register directly with Union Presbyterian Seminary online via THIS LINK.



Every week we will post 5 BIBLE QUESTIONS on the home page of the PEVA website and provide answers on another page.  You may  appreciate the mini-brush-up, be inspired to seek greater detail from your Bible, and/or congratulate yourself on being a Biblical scholar extraordinaire!


  1. What is the meaning of the word "chode," which occurs twice in the King James version of the Old Testament?
  2.  Who was it sent the temple of Dagon Toppling?
  3. "A man who thinks that human hands are necessary to steady the Ark of the Covenant is not a true believer but an Uzzah."  Who was Uzzah?
  4. "A soft answer" does what?
  5. The term Son of Man is found many times in the New Testament.  Where (if at all) is it found in the Old Testament?


* True or False:  Property held by a congregation, presbytery, synod, or General Assembly is held by the corporation, trustees, or unincorporated association with whom the legal title is lodged.

Answers can be found on the HUNGER, PEACEMAKING, PDA page!