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  • 10/20-10/28 | Congolese Visit - Rev. Isaac Kalonji
  • 10/22 | PEVA Meeting 10:00 - 2:00 at Suffolk PC
  • 10/24 | Congo Community Dinner - at Bayside PC guest Rev. Isaac Kalonji 
  • 10/29-10/30 | CVT C.A.T. Training 9:00 - 5:00 at PEVA
  • 11/05 | COM 4:00 at New Horizons
  • 11/11 | Interims 12:00 at PEVA
  • 11/11 | Council 2:00 at PEVA
  • 11/19 | CPM 9:30 at PEVA
  • 11/19 | Peacemaking 10:30 at PEVA
  • 11/20 | SMT 10:30 at PEVA
  • 11/20 - 11/22 | Mid-Council Financial Network Annual Conference, Virginia Beach
  • 11/21 | PEVA Educators 9:30 at PEVA
  • 11/28 | PEVA Office Closed
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Hunger Ministry Team

We are called by God in Christ to bring good news and to proclaim release to those held captive by human structures and injustices. Discipleship means evaluating our lifestyle choices and adopting changes that reflect our faith and give witness to our commitments to mission and justice.
The HUNGER MINISTRY TEAM of PEVA, believing that hunger is unacceptable, leads and challenges the churches of PEVA and its entities in Christ’s name to alleviate chronic hunger and its immediate causes at home and abroad through information dissemination, education, advocacy, and the provisions of resources. 
There is always a need for new members to join the PEVA Hunger Ministry Team
please contact the PEVA office.


Nickel-A- Meal

loaves & Fishes


If every member in our presbytery gave just 5 cents a meal, $54.75 a year thats alot of spare change!  Collect your spare change, encourage a Nickel-A-Meal Hunger Offering or hold a food drive, raise hunger awareness in your congregation.



Grants Available

hunger grant plate image

If your church is seeking funds for food and hunger related ministries PEVA's Hunger Ministry Team has 
(for direct food relief) 
(limited to the community & however not limited to food)
 grants available.  

When Were You Hungry?

When were you Hungry

Right now Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Somalia are experiencing famine. PHP has partners that are working to address underlying causes of hunger in these countries and in other places where people are suffering from extreme hunger. PHP is asking the Church for your help, so that we as one body can respond to their requests.  
Based on Matthew 25, “I was hungry and you gave me food,”
a bulletin insert, poster, and
short video are available for your congregations.  These resources and more information about the need and this response are available at www.pcusa.org/thiamine

Praise & Potatoes


Is it possible to bag and give away 20,000 pounds of potatoes? Yes it is, and it happened on Saturday, September 28! The planning for the Praise and Potatoes event was a collaboration of 8 Norfolk Presbyterian churches (Calvin, First United, Knox, Lafayette, New Horizons, Oakdale, Royster Memorial, and Third), the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia's Hunger and Ministry Team, and the Society for St. Andrew. The event was held at Oakdale Presbyterian Church in Norfolk.

20,000 pounds of North Carolina potatoes (some were even heart-shaped - "Love Potatoes") were delivered, divided in 10 pound bags by church volunteers, boy's & girl's scout troops and others, and distributed to anyone who wanted them. Churches and other agencies were included in the giveaway.

Along with the potatoes, there was music, free bagged lunches, and clothing were available for the taking. You could even sample fresh cut french fries!

PEVAs Special Edition Newsletter Praise Potatoes Presbyterians

Read the article that appeared in the Virginia Pilot On-line


PEVA Raise an Ark Challenge


One of PEVA’s Hunger Ministry team’s goals in 2019 is to FILL AN ARK with Heifer InternationalThe cost of an ARK is $5,000.  The Hunger Ministry Team has allocated a part of their budget for this; however, they would like to raise at least $2,500.  LET SEE IF WE CAN RAISE MORE THAN ONE!
The last time PEVA filled an Ark was in 2008.

Migrant Farm Workers & Seasonal Agriculture Workers

Please remember the Migrant Farm Workers and Seasonal Agriculture Workers in your prayers as they work in the fields with their families this season, especially those on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Remember the work of all who have helped to make our meals possible. Please consider adding the Migrant Ministry to your outreach projects.   CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE  You can start collecting CHILDREN'S CLOTHING  (spring, summer & fall seasonal clothing only, sizes NB - 5T cotton is best), for the 2020 season NOW! THERE IS A NEED FOR CHILDREN's CLOTHING JUST AS SOON AS THE FAMILIES ARRIVE WHEN THE NEW SEASON BEGINS. 

Thank you to all those churches and individual members that supported the ministry this season.  A special thanks to all those that participated in packing, delivering, sorting and handing out the needed items July 18th & August 22nd, 2019.  



Become a Matthew 25 Church

We are called to actively engage in the world around us, so our faith comes alive and we wake up to new possibilities.  We are invited to act boldly and compassionately to serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor.  Join your brothers and sisters and you can help our denomination (PCUSA) be a more relevant, unified presence in the world.   LEARN MORE

Hunger Action Congregation


A initiative by the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) recognizes congregations that care for the hungry and are engaged in hunger ministry. Find out how your congregation can get certified as a HUNGER ACTION CONGREGATION. PHP and Hunger Action Advocates want to hear from congregations that are doing at least one of the following six activities: Hunger Alleviation, Development Assistance, Hunger Education, Worship, Lifestyle Integrity, Corporate and Public Policy WitnessDOWNLOAD THE HOW TO BECOME A HUNGER ACTION CONGREGATION POSTER & PLACEMAT

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORECLICK HERE FOR FLYER .  10 PEVA churches (Community Hampton, First United, Hilton, Groves Memorial, King's Grant, Simonsdale, Third, Royster Memorial, Williamsburg & Wycliffe)  have taken the time to fill out the application. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION So many PEVA’s churches are working in the areas of hunger, why not share all the great things you are doing and inspire others. If you would like help in completing the application or you would just like to share your hunger ministry you may contact PEVA's Hunger Action Advocate jessica@pcusa-peva.org or 757-397-7063.



PHP Post

Download the spring edition of the Presbyterian Hunger Program Post You can also learn more about PHP’s impact around the world!



Giving Catalog

A Church that Gives Together, participate as a congregation to support Presbyterian mission with collective gifts to the PRESBYTERIAN GIVING CATALOG! This year’s catalog features: Farm-related activities for your church’s children & youth; the Garden Well; and much more! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Poor People's Campaign

PEVA's Hunger Ministry Team encourages you to check out this report from the Institute for Policy Studies. "The Souls of Poor Folk" is an assessment of the conditions today and trends of the past 50 years in the United States. The 
Poor People's Campaign: A NationalCall for
Moral Revival
continues to be a movement that challenges us to expose the injustice of the economic, political, and social systems of the United States.

PHP Mission


A Letter from
Cindy Corell, serving in Haiti

 Proposed Public Charge Policy

The Trump Administration announced a proposed rule that would make changes to “public charge” policies. “The Bible makes it clear that God wants us to be generous to all people, specifically immigrants.  This proposal punishes legal immigrants by denying them permanent residency if they access safety net services because of temporary financial hardship. Under longstanding policy, the federal government can deny an individual entry into the U.S. or adjustment to legal permanent resident (LPR) status (i.e., a green card) if he or she is determined likely to become a public charge.



What's Your Favorite Mission?

What LOCAL MISSION is your church sponsoring or active in? Let’s start recognizing all those missions, no matter how small or large. Send the name and a short blurb with picture on the mission(s) to

Hunger Facts

Virginia is the 48th hungriest state in the U.S. and 40th poorest state in the country.  More than 47.0 percent of Virginia households in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) are working households. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIRGINIA FACT SHEET (Provided by Bread for the World).  For more information on other states in the U.S. visit 


Special Offering  logo

The four church wide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are a collective witness to Jesus Christ's love for the whole church. The Christmas Joy OfferingOne Great Hour of SharingPentecost Offering and Peace & Global Witness Offering 
play an important role in defining what it means to be a connectional church.