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Hunger Ministry Team

We are called by God in Christ to bring good news and to proclaim release to those held captive by human structures and injustices. Discipleship means evaluating our lifestyle choices and adopting changes that reflect our faith and give witness to our commitments to mission and justice.
The HUNGER MINISTRY TEAM of PEVA, believing that hunger is unacceptable, leads and challenges the churches of PEVA and its entities in Christ’s name to alleviate chronic hunger and its immediate causes at home and abroad through information dissemination, education, advocacy, and the provisions of resources. 
There is always a need for new members to join the PEVA Hunger Ministry Team
please contact the PEVA office.


CPJ Training & EAD

EAD 2019

Mark your Calendars COMPASSION PEACE & JUSTICE TRAINING FRI. APRIL 5, 2019 (Troubling the Waters, for a Healing of the World ECUMENICAL ADVOCACY DAYS ) FRI. APRIL 5, 2018 - MON. APRIL 8, 2019.   “…What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8).  Recognizing the need for us to stand up and speak out on behalf of the most vulnerable in our world. It also reflects the need for us to have advocacy training and skills to build coalitions and movements that address the needs of our own communities. We will beckon the Spirit to “Trouble the Waters” as depicted in John 5:1-9, calling on God to bring healing to our nation and world.

PEVA Raise an Ark Challenge


One of PEVA’s Hunger Ministry team’s goals in 2019 is to FILL AN ARK with Heifer InternationalThe cost of an ARK is $5,000.  The Hunger Ministry Team has allocated a part of their budget for this; however, they would like to raise at least $2,500.  The last time PEVA filled an Ark was in 2008.


Hunger Grants Available

hunger grant plate image

If your church is seeking funds for food and hunger related ministries PEVA's Hunger Ministry Team has Nickel-A-Meal (direct food relief) and Church Community Hunger (limited to the community & however not limited to food) grants available.  


Hunger Action Congregation


A initiative by the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) recognizes congregations that care for the hungry and are engaged in hunger ministry. Find out how your congregation can get certified as a HUNGER ACTION CONGREGATION. PHP and Hunger Action Advocates want to hear from congregations that are doing at least one of the following six activities: Hunger Alleviation, Development Assistance, Hunger Education, Worship, Lifestyle Integrity, Corporate and Public Policy Witness CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE HOW TO BECOME A HUNGER ACTION CONGREGATION POSTER AND PLACE MAT.  

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORECLICK HERE FOR FLYER .  9 PEVA churches (Community Hampton, First United, Hilton, Groves Memorial, King's Grant, Simonsdale, Third, Royster Memorial & Wycliffe)  have taken the time to fill out the application. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION So many PEVA’s churches are working in the areas of hunger, why not share all the great things you are doing and inspire others. If you would like help in completing the application or you would just like to share your hunger ministry you may contact PEVA's Hunger Action Advocate jessica@pcusa-peva.org or 757-397-7063.



PHP Post

Download the spring edition of the Presbyterian Hunger Program Post You can also learn more about PHP’s impact around the world!

What's Your Favorite Mission?

What LOCAL MISSION is your church sponsoring or active in? Let’s start recognizing all those missions, no matter how small or large. Send the name and a short blurb with picture on the mission(s) to

The latest from PHP Mission Co-Worker

A Letter from Cindy Corell, serving in Haiti | November 2018

In Rural Haiti, the Garden is Life and Livelihood


loaves & Fishes

If every member in our presbytery gave just 5 cents a meal, $54.75 a year thats alot of spare change!  Collect your spare change, encourage a Nickel-A-Meal Hunger Offering or hold a food drive, raise hunger awareness in your congregation. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

PC(USA)Giving Catalog

A Church that Gives Together, participate as a congregation to support Presbyterian mission with collective gifts to the PRESBYTERIAN GIVING CATALOG! This year’s catalog features: Farm-related activities for your church’s children & youth; the Garden Well; and much more!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Proposed Public Charge Policy

The Trump Administration announced a proposed rule that would make changes to “public charge” policies. “The Bible makes it clear that God wants us to be generous to all people, specifically immigrants. Matthew 25:35 reads: ‘for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’ Yet, this proposal punishes legal immigrants by denying them permanent residency if they access safety net services because of temporary financial hardship. Under longstanding policy, the federal government can deny an individual entry into the U.S. or adjustment to legal permanent resident (LPR) status (i.e., a green card) if he or she is determined likely to become a public charge.  CLICK HERE FOR INFO SHEET

  • Under the proposed rule, officials would newly consider use of certain previously excluded programs, including Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Program, and several housing programs, in public charge determinations.
  • The changes would likely lead to broad decreases in participation in Medicaid and other programs among legal immigrant families and their primarily U.S.-born children beyond those directly affected by the changes. Nationwide, over 19 million or one in four (25%) children live in a family with an immigrant parent, and nearly nine in ten (86%) of these children are citizens.
  • Decreased participation in these programs would contribute to more uninsured individuals and negatively affect the health and financial stability of families and the growth and healthy development of their children.

For more info & resources go to ProtectingImmigrantFamilies.org

Poor People's Campaign

PEVA's Hunger Ministry Team encourages you to check out this report from the Institute for Policy Studies. "The Souls of Poor Folk" is an assessment of the conditions today and trends of the past 50 years in the United States. The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival continues to be a movement that challenges us to expose the injustice of the economic, political, and social systems of the United States.

Migrant Farm Workers & Seasonal Agriculture Workers

female migrant worker

Please remember the Migrant Farm Workers and Seasonal Agriculture Workers in your prayers as they work in the fields with their families this season, especially those on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Remember the work of all who have helped to make our meals possible. Please consider adding the Migrant Ministry to your outreach projects. CLICK HERE FOR BROCHURE  You can start collecting CANVAS REUSABLE BAGS, FOOD KIT SUPPLIES, TRAVEL SIZE SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER, CHILDREN'S BOOKS, SOCKS, DIAPERS, WIPES, CHILDREN'S CLOTHING (spring - fall only, cotton is best), ADULT JEANS & T-SHIRTS for next season NOW! 


Bill Moore migrant minitry  dispurtion

Peacemaking Ministry Team

The PEVA PEACEMAKING MINISTRY TEAM inspires, equips and mobilizes PEVA congregations and members to work for peace, social and environmental justice.

Antiracism Training at Montreat

antiracicsm train

The Montreat Conference Center (Montreat, NC) will be hosting a CROSSROADS ANTIRACISM TRAINING FRI. AUG. 17, 2018 beginning at 3:30 P.M. - SUN. AUG. 19, 2018 (ending with Worship).   CLICK HERE FOR FLYER  This training event will provide participants with a shared analysis of systemic racism in the United States. Using an action-reflection model, the training will seek to answer three questions: What is the current reality of racism in the US? Why is this still our current reality? How can we intervene strategically to disrupt and dismantle racism? Space is limited, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER .

Human Trafficking

traffickingMedium2 (99x77)

How serious is HUMAN TRAFFICKING? How much does your congregation know about Human Trafficking?An estimated 800,000 people, of which 80% are women and up to 50% are minors that are trafficked across national borders. CLICK HERE FOR A TOOLKIT FOR ACTION MODERN SLAVERY

Support Anti-Trafficking Legislation

brak the chains

Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated that human trafficking is one of the most profitable forms of transnational crime in our modern world.  In late September od 2017, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the Trafficking Victims Protection (TVPA) Reauthorization Act (S.1862), which focuses on strengthening the most recent TVPA and improve U.S. global leadership in international efforts to combat human trafficking. It authorizes critical U.S. programs to combat trafficking internationally for the next six years. It is awaiting passage in the Senate.  CLICK HERE to contact your members of congress today!


No Guns in God's House

No Guns in Gods House

For 50 years the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has supported reasonable gun laws to reduce murders, accidents, suicides and injuries. The Presbyterian General Assembly, the denomination’s highest body, has urged churches to post “No Guns in God’s House” signs as a public witness to the need to reduce gun violence. The goal is that 100 churches post this sign, study about this issue, promote constructive theological dialogue, education and awareness about gun violence and to confront the fears and anxieties that can prevent us from entering into healthy debate about what many Christians feel is too political an issue to address in church.  Download the free PDF sign to print for your congregation, Download & print the PDF brochure.  The Peace Fellowship has published a new Gun Violence Prevention Congregational Toolkit CLICK HERE FOR TOOLKIT.

Center for the Study of Religious Freedom

Through high-impact learning experiences, the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom informs, transforms, and equips individuals to be engaged leaders and citizens, as they increasingly understand why religious freedom is a basic human right of daily significance.  Since the late 1700s, the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom has shaped Hampton Roads. PEVA's Peacemaking Ministry Team supports the efforts of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom and building bridges and fostering a dialogue of inclusiveness.

Peacemaking Grants

If you or your church are seeking funds for peacemaking related ministries or activities PEVA's Peacemaking Ministry Team has grants avaiable. CLICK HERE FOR GRANT APPLICATION AND GUIDELINES.  

Immigrants, Refugees & Sanctuary


Resources from Presbyterian Mission and OGA  A couple of new resources have been released by Presbyterian Mission and the OGA in the last few days. Please pass them along to church leaders and members.  "We Choose Welcome!" campaign, allowing Presbyterians to express commitment to welcoming refugees and immigrants in our communities. Read about downloadable/printable yard signs and an action guide here: www.presbyterianmission.org/we-choose-welcome  The Genesis of Exodus, a new interactive online resource, offers a wealth of background and tools to help Presbyterians and others understand and respond to immigration issues. At the end of this “storymap” is a section describing what congregations and individuals can do to become involved in the movement. 


Racial Justice & Antiracism Resources


The resources listed below can be useful for Sunday school classes and other small groups that are interested in studying and discussing racism, racial justice, and anti racism work. The resources are also helpful for individuals who are open to new thinking about race in America. Please share with PEVA's Racial Dialogue Team anything you’ve found about racial issues that provokes thought, discussion, and action.  Resources on Racial IssuesResources for Racism Education, Resources for Racism Education for Children, Waking up White Study GuideFacing Racism Antiracism Study GuidePossible Next Steps on the Antiracism Journey PCUSAFacing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community  You may also subscripe to Facing Racism updates at https://facing-racism.pcusa.org/ 

Wear Orange

wear Orange web

Why wear ORANGE? On or around the 25TH of EVERY MONTH WEAR ORANGE to raise awareness and advocate for change.  Wear orange to promote awareness of the violence that confronts women and girls worldwide. The act of wearing orange is so simple, but promotes and creates awareness on such an important message.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE 




Special Offering  logoThe four church wide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are a collective witness to Jesus Christ's love for the whole church. The Christmas Joy OfferingOne Great Hour of SharingPentecost Offering and Peace & Global Witness Offering 
play an important role in defining what it means to be a connectional church. For more information and resources please visit

2019 Special Offerings Calendar.


PC(USA)PDA Responds

Disaster Assistance Response of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is responding to needs from Wildfires on the West Coast, Hurricane Florence  and Michael on the East Coast, Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines and the Earthquake in Port-de-Paix Haiti.  Presbyterians are asked to join in the response and encourage those in need by standing in the “GAP”.  The needs for the response will be great. God’s people are once again called on to stand in the “GAP”—Give. Act. Pray.  

Give - Four PDA numbers have been assigned for monetary gifts to help the devastated regions:
DR000165 - U.S. Wildfires "California"
DR000169 - US Hurricane Response "Hurricane Florence/Michael"
DR000194 - "Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines"
DR000064 - "Earthquake in Port-de-Paix Haiti"

Donations may be sent to the Presbytery office using these numbers. All funds will be forwarded to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  Gifts can also be made online at http://pda.pcusa.org/page/give/,
by phone at (800) 872-3283.

Act - Presbyterians are encouraged to assemble Gift of the Heart cleanup buckets pda.pcusa.org/ page/kits. Learn how you and your congregation can help families who have lost everything in the devastation. Stay informed on FacebookTwitter, and download resources, and share updates with your congregation.

Pray - Pray for the people impacted by these storms; for the first responders who put themselves in harm’s way to care for others; for the communities; and for God’s sustaining grace through it all.

PDA- Stand in the Gap

pdalogosidebluewithtaglargeGIVE BY TEXT: Text PDA to 20222. This provides $10 to support disaster response where needed most.  Designate your gift Give to a disaster or relief project of your choice.

ACT - STAY INFORMED- Sign up to receive PDA RIN (Rapid Information Network) emails to be aware of current responses and urgent needs you can share with your congregation.  Email PDA to request the complimentary Mission Mosaic by mail to read stories of disaster recovery around the world in magazine format.  VolunteerWork teams  or PEVA's Disaster Recovery Planning Team (DRPT) are groups of volunteers (three or more) who help to clean up and rebuild disaster-affected areas throughout the United States.  PDA volunteers are individuals with specific skills who serve as members of various teams to help PDA in its mission of disaster response both nationally and internationally.

Assemble Gift of the Heart Kits, an excellent hands-on project for youth groups, Presbyterian Women and others who want a tangible way to be involved. The most frequently needed kits in a disaster are the School kit, Health kit and Layette kit.
Get involved in a U.S. Growing Project- Start or participate in a community growing project in the United States. Raise money to fund overseas food security programs that are helping people help themselves. Explore the Foods Resource Bank.
PRAY - OUR BEST RESPONSE IS PRAYER.  Pray for the people whose lives were directly affected by a disaster in their community, pray for the relief workers and those who are offering assistance, and pray that hope will be found out of the chaos of disasters.